Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Looking Back 33 years

If I have to see Carlton Fisk wave his game six, 1975 HR fair one more time during a World Series promo I am going to say things I shouldn't say, even though I do say those things at times. Today 33 years later we still see this as one of the all time great World Series home runs. Well guess what, screw Fisk.....who won this World Series. If you are too young to remember or wasn't around then and all you saw of this series was Fisk waving his ball fair you would think the Red Sox won that series...WRONG!!!!!!!!! The day after Fisk hit his "world famous" home run Joe Morgan got a two out hit in the top of the ninth at Fenway Park to drive in Ken Griffey with what was the winning run for the Cincinnati Reds. So FOX, ESPN, ABC if you are going to continue to run this BS just because it's hip to be a Sox fan now then at least be sure to tell the world who won this series. THE REAL BIG RED MACHINE

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Anonymous said...

I know what you are saying.
Screw the Sox