Saturday, December 27, 2008

Reds Sign Taveras

Well, the Reds finally inked Willy Taveras today to a two year deal. This now still only gives the Reds four outfielders. Taveras gives the Reds a legit leadoff hitter as well as an eraser in CF. Taveras had a down year at the plate last season only hitting .251 but did steal a league leading 68 stolen bases.

It'll be interesting what the Reds lineup will look like now. The Reds insist that they're still looking for a big bat in the middle and are also trying to re-sign Jerry Hairston Jr.

My projected lineup:
Taveras CF
Bruce RF
Phillips 2B
Votto 1B
Ramon Hernandez C
Chris Dickerson LF
Edwin Encarnarcion 3B
Gonzalez/Keppinger SS

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Happy Holidays from Big Red Machine Fans

Happy Holidays. Hopefully, 2009 will be an exciting year for our Reds!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Jocketty looking towards Wigginton, Taveras, and Miles

Looks like Walt Jocketty is still on the prowl and he's talking about possibly signing a couple of players who weren't tendered contracts like Ty Wigginton, Willy Taveras, and Aaron Miles. Taveras had 68 steals last season but just a .308 OBP. Wigginton has a lot of pop with 23 homers last year and has to be a step up on D from Edwin. Both Wigginton and Miles can play multiple infield positions.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Reds Christmas Wish List.......Listen Santa

It's called the hot stove league but I still feel like I am standing outside in the cold. Santa is always good to the Evil Empire and treats us small guys like all we deserve is coal in our stockings. 'Please Santa' bring my Reds a right handed power hitter before I close my eyes on Christmas Eve.

I think my Reds are getting closer and closer to bringing their fans a contending team. I know I am bias but I have to think our young guys stack up as good as any in baseball right now. Heck the bad elf stole the Rookie of the Year Award from Joey Votto and wasted it on a team that is over 100 years in waiting for their next World Series Crown. Plug Joey in for some very solid numbers for the next 12 years and Walt make sure they are all spent in a Reds uniform. How about that guy in right field that is going to smash 33 HR's in 2009 and make his mark as the next in a long line of Red Superstars. Again Walt, ditto for Mr. Jay Bruce. Does anyone else remember the love fest the fans had for a late call up from my Louisville Bats, Chris Dickerson. Chris arrived with a bat so hot everyone wondered who is this guy and where in the name of Pete Rose had he been all season. I do understand the sample size was small for Chris but I am crazy enough to believe.......remember this kids don't smash extra base hits the way he did without talent. I see a little battle brewing for the starting SS job come spring training and that's what makes players better. Hint Hint Keppinger and Gonzalez, make it tough on Dusty. At the hot corner, Santa bring Edwin a smile and the fulfillment of his potential......we all know it's there. Brandon use the same brand of glove oil and mix in a few more extra base hits and you just might have something in common with Little Joe Morgan.

Let's not forget about our young guns on the mound as they have the makings of a very nice staff. Edinson Volquez prove those numbers you put up this season are for real, not a small task but yes once again I believe. Johnny Cueto throws hard and only needs Santa to bring him some much needed control. And while I have Santa's ear again, PLEASE put some runs in Aaron's stocking this year, he deserves more support. Guitar Man you just need to rock n roll the whole season like you did after the break. Not sure Mr. Homer Bailey will still be in a Reds uniform this spring but if he is, well Santa how about a new first name for the flame thrower.

I hope I haven't asked for too much as I think the last thing I want is a new box of dull ended tooth picks for Dusty. Sometime I think he is going to drive one clear thur his upper lip when he watches another ball roll thru someones legs or a fly ball turn into another GABP home run for the bad guys. Please Santa make a stop in Cincy.......GO REDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Reds offer contract to Edwin and re-sign Norris Hopper

"Mr. Error" Edwin Encarnarcion was resigned by the Reds last night. The Reds also resigned Norris Hopper to what looks to be the league minimum. The Reds did cut ties with Matt Beliese and Gary Mejewski.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Reds Get Arthur Rhodes

The Reds got a much needed lefty in the bullpen in Arthur Rhodes today. He is 39 years young but he had a fantastic 4-1 record with a 2.04 ERA last season between Seattle and Florida. Jocketty is making things happen.

Still waiting on that big bat.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Reds Get Weathers Back

David Weathers will return to the team to load the bases and try to get out of trouble in the 8th all season long in 09. Weathers will be eligible for arbitration but it looks like Jocketty will try to sign him to a deal before that. I'm hard on Weathers but he did have a solid number season in 08.

Dye to the Reds?????

The big news for me today out of the winter meetings in Vegas is a possible Dye for Homer Bailey trade. Dye would be traded for Homer and another prospect. The Sox would also pay a portion of Dye's 2009 11.5 million dollar salary. Reports say the Reds are also looking at Bobby Abreu and Pat Burrell as possibilites. My thought is that Burrell would add yet another strikeout victim to a Reds team already full of them. I like Dye in that he is a much needed righty bat. I would love to see Abreu as a Red.

Dye batted .292 in 08 with 34 homers and 96 RBI.
Abreu batted .296 with 20 homers 100 RBI and 22 steals.

We need either one of those guys in the middle of the order.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Reds Get Ramon Hernandez for Freel

Looks like the Reds have traded Ryan Freel and up to 2 prospects for O's catcher Ramon Hernandez. It also looks like the O's will pay most of Ramon's contract for '09. I like this deal depending only on who the 2 prospects turn out to be. He's also got a club option for 8 million for 2010. He's definitely overpaid but was one of the top 3 hitting catcher in the AL two years ago. He hit around .260 with 15 dingers last year for the Os.

Friday, December 5, 2008

George Foster....Dancing With The Stars

Hey George Foster wants to be on "Dancing With The Stars." George turns 60 this month and says he is still his playing weight and can slam this dance competition the same way he use to slam the baseball. I would have to agree as I talked to him at GABP this season and he was in great shape. Please copy and paste this link and give one of the key cogs of the Big Red Machine some love.....Go sign the petition for George!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Reds Looking for Righty Bat in Trade

The Reds are looking for a righty hitter in a trade and it might happen during the winter meetings. The Reds have cut $20 million off their 2008 salary and hopefully they'll spend a little of that back. I'll be shocked if Homer is back in a Red uniform next season. Houston is looking to dump salary and Homer is from the Lone Star state. Let's go mega-deal and get Carlos Lee! Wishful thinking I know.

Reds resign Mike Lincoln

The Reds made a much needed move signing righty reliever Mike Lincoln to a two year deal today.

Monday, November 10, 2008

3 Reds in top 5 of NL ROY voting

Joey Votto finished second to Soto in the NL Rookie of the Year voting today. Edison Volquez was 4th and Jay Bruce finished 5th. I'd say that makes the future look pretty promising for the Reds!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Gold Glove to..............Brandon Phillips

Congrats to Brandon Phillips on his Gold Glove today. Get healthy and be ready to clog up the right side of the infield in 2009.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Votto for Rookie of the Year!

Votto vs. Soto

Votto: .297/24/84 32 doubles, slugging .506. OBP .368 59 SO/102 BB

Soto: .285/23/86 35 doubles, slugging .504. OBP .364 62 SO/121 BB

Toss up. Soto will win b/c he plays for the Cubbies. The Reds record will do in Joey.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Looking Back 33 years

If I have to see Carlton Fisk wave his game six, 1975 HR fair one more time during a World Series promo I am going to say things I shouldn't say, even though I do say those things at times. Today 33 years later we still see this as one of the all time great World Series home runs. Well guess what, screw Fisk.....who won this World Series. If you are too young to remember or wasn't around then and all you saw of this series was Fisk waving his ball fair you would think the Red Sox won that series...WRONG!!!!!!!!! The day after Fisk hit his "world famous" home run Joe Morgan got a two out hit in the top of the ninth at Fenway Park to drive in Ken Griffey with what was the winning run for the Cincinnati Reds. So FOX, ESPN, ABC if you are going to continue to run this BS just because it's hip to be a Sox fan now then at least be sure to tell the world who won this series. THE REAL BIG RED MACHINE

Reds offer Weathers and Hairston Jr.

Reports are that the Reds have made contract offers to free-agents Jerry Hairston Jr. and David Freakin Weathers. Good start to the off-season.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Questions the Reds have to answer this off-season

Well, the Bengals officially suck so we can turn our attention to the Reds. The Reds have a ton of questions to answer this off season NOT unlike every other season I can remember. Here's just a few:

1. The rotation??? Who in the world is going to be in it? Harang, Arroyo, Volquez, Cueto, and WHO???????? Will it be Owings, Homer, PettyJohn, Daryl Thompson........................who knows? Maybe a free-agent.

2. Re-sign Jerry Hairston Jr? Better.

3. Who at 3rd? Edwin or Keppinger? I say Kepp. Edwin has pop but little average and no glove. Kepp doesn't strikeout and is a decent fielder.

4. Spend the $24 million you saved in dumping Dunn and Griff? on what? Hopefully a big right handed bat and the rest in the bullpen. Jason Bay is available. Throw some cash at him.

5. David Weathers? Nope. Package him with Edwin and ship them off.

6. Big arm in the bullpen. I'd use Homer as a set up man. He's proven he can't start.

7. Can Chris Dickerson start in center? I hope so.

8. Can Drew Stubbs contribute this season or is he a season away?

Interesting off-season coming. I say this every year but I think if things go right in the off-season, the Reds will contend at least in the wild card next season.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Pettyjohn to start for the Reds today

Lefty Adam Pettyjohn will make first major league start today since 2001 with the Tigers. This guy doesn't throw hard and I mean that. I've seen him in Louisville several times this season and he brings it in the low 80s. Dusty Baker doesn't seem to mind it though because he's a proven winner. He won 15 games for the Bats this season. Maybe he can make a very Jamey Moyer like start today and fight for a spot next season. He could be a nice change of pace from Harang, Volquez, and Cueto all of which are hard throwing righties. Then you throw in wierd throwing Arroyo and then the slow left Pettyjohn who wears out the breaking balls. Next spring will be very interesting for the Reds rotation.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Roy Oswalt Snaps Reds Streak

Roy Oswalt, dammed this guy. I guess you have to tip your Cincinnati Reds baseball cap to him as he again beat the Reds last night to improve to 23-1 lifetime against Cincinnati. I have to think at this point when he is on the mound it messes with the Reds head, no pun intended. Oswalt is 17-10 after last night which is a good season for anyone, but this does show he can be beat. That is by everyone but Cincinnati..... 23-1 come on. At least after Oswalt hit the showers the Reds did mount somewhat of a come back, before falling short 8-6. The Reds sent nine batters to the plate in the ninth inning scoring five times. Oswalt, himself went six innings and allowed only one run to the Reds, do we see a trend or pattern here.

Johnny Cueto finished the season with 9 wins and 14 losses. This was a year that Cueto will look back on and say he probably learned more than at any other time in his career. He had growing pains but he did grow. After recording 158 strikeouts this year, one has to believe he is going to be a 200 strikeout pitcher for many years to come. Johnny is and will be a piece of the puzzle next season for the Reds Central Division title hopes.

This Houston series ends a five series winning streak, six if you count the one game series against Florida, that had the Reds rolling into the off season on a high note. Screw you Oswalt, go to the American League, just kidding again. I think Roy Oswalt is one hell of a pitcher and I'm guessing the Reds would agree!!!!! The Reds open the final series of the season tonight as Bronson Arroyo goes for win number 16 tonight against the St.Louis Cardinals.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Votto & Bruce Power Reds To Big Win

SEVEN HOME RUNS!!!!!!!!! What a night at the ball park as me and my co-writer son-in-law and daughter and Ethan and Ella decided to take in one more game before Great American Ball Park closes for the winter. Jay Bruce and Joey Votto as I assumed and the Reds official site confirms, are friends on and off the field. But when the game starts they will admit to being competitors on the same team. Both blasted two home runs last night, giving the rookie sluggers twenty-one apiece. I think Reds fans will have plenty to cheer about in the coming years as these two mature into All-Stars. When the dusted finally settled last night the scoreboard read Reds 11 Brewers 2.

Jerry Hairston Jr., Jolbert Cabrera and Andy Phillips each added a home run to make the Reds total seven on the night.

On a night when it looked like the only thing to talk about was offense, Ramon Ramirez won his first career game throwing six really good innings. Ramirez scattered seven hits and only allowed two runs while fanning five. Yes it was a good night at the ball park and there is only three more home games to be played so get out to GABP and see these exciting young Reds as they audition for 2009.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Volquez....Reds Lose A Close One

Edinson Volquez again fails to win number 17 tonight as the St. Louis Cardinals take the final game of this three game series by a 5-4 count to avoid the Reds sweep. Volquez is just not pitching as good as he did early this season. He is walking way too many batters and you can see the frustration in his eyes as he doesn't get the close calls from the umpires. He walked six in seven innings tonight and that is becoming more the norm for him lately. He just might be wearing down right along with this season. I do hope he finishes on a high note before the year is over.

Another player that needs to finish on a high note is Jay Bruce. He might have had the worse at bats tonight as I have seen this season by him. The Cardinals pitched him inside all night and all he could do is pop up or strike out and yes he was ugly doing it.

But on a positive note the Reds are still winning at a better clip than at any time this season and as FSN noted tonight, the Reds rookies lead all other teams rookies in home runs hit this season. Jay Bruce and Joey Votto are both sitting on nineteen home runs as of tonight and one would think this pair of rookies will both finish with at least twenty each.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Aaron Harang.....Complete Game Shutout...... Blanking The Cards

Aaron Harang is back, If you still wondered if Harang was back to his old self, tonight's game should have put that dog to bed. On 'Bark In The Park Night' Aaron threw a compete game shutout at those dogs, um I mean Cardinals. Harang has been the hard luck starter this season, getting the least amount of run support in the National League among all pitchers. Aaron scattered six hits while fanning four and didn't walk a single batter tonight. All the offense he would need was a solo home run by Andy Phillips in the bottom of the fourth, but the Reds weren't done yet. The next man up Jay Bruce also went deep and I mean deep (438') to straight away center field for back to back jacks for the reds. Hey they still weren't done, two outs later Paul Janish hit his first Major League home run to give the Reds three for the inning and that was more than enough for Aaron on this night.

It's late in the year but these young Reds are having fun and winning some ballgames. This was the fourth straight win for them and also the fourth straight series they have won. September has been a good month as the Reds are winners of seven of their last nine games.

On another note, staying with the theme of last night's twenty year anniversary of Tom Browning's perfect game. Tonight was the twenty fifth anniversary of Johnny Bench night at Riverfront Stadium, where Bench actually hit a home run on his night. Yes I do remember that night, not sure who gave up that shot but it was a very special night for probably the best catcher to every play the game. I just can't imagine hitting a home run on a night they set aside to honor your career.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Bronson Wins #15...... On Browning's Night

At first I thought maybe Aaron Harang was on the mound tonight. You know were I am going, Harang equals no run support. The Reds just couldn't get anything going against Branden Looper and the St. Louis Cardinals. Looper held the Reds scoreless until the sixth inning when they loaded the bases to set up a bases clearing double for Edwin Encarnacion. This three run double was all the Reds and Bronson needed tonight. Arroyo won his career high fifteenth game against ten losses. Bronson had a pretty good line tonight, fanning four and scattering five hits over his seven innings of work.

Tonight was also a special night as the Reds honored Mr. Perfect, Tom Browning with his own bobble head for everyone in attendance. I did get one and it's a nice bobble head. Just because the Reds are out of it doesn't mean I won't go and enjoy a night at the ball park. It will soon be another long cold spell until baseball returns, so try to get out and see one more game before the season ends. Back to Browning, he threw a perfect game against the LA Dodgers twenty years ago tonight. It was and still is the only perfect game in Reds history. Think about this, in over 138 years of Major League Baseball there has been 17 perfect games thrown.....that's pretty special!!!!!!!!

Monday, September 15, 2008

First Ned - - - Next Dusty - - - Dream On

If Ned Yost can be fired while leading the wildcard race with twelve games remianing in the season is Dusty feeling any heat. Dusty is thirteen games under .500 and Ned Yost has the Brewers in a virtual tie with the Phillies for the NL wild card. If the Reds were still fighting for a post season birth with thirteen games left to play we would have already engraved Dusty Bakers name on the National League Manager of the year award. Don't get me wrong I understand probably more was expected of the Brewers than was expected of the Reds, at least in terms of managements standpoint.
I now offer up a few questions.

1. What did the Reds management expect of Dusty this year?
2. Is Dusty's honeymoon over, when will he be held accountable?
3. How many times will Reds fans have to hear "we are in a rebuilding mode"
4. Are the Reds the team that becomes the 'new Cubs' in a few more years of losing?
5. And most important, as a fan what were your expectations of the 2008 Reds?

Tom Browning's Prefect Game Replayed Tonight On FSN

No Reds baseball tonight, don't cry, you know what Tom Hanks thinks of crying and baseball. Ok, Reds fans if you want to see a piece of history that was made twenty years ago tune in to FSN Ohio tonight. Tom Browning's prefect game will will replayed there at 8pm. Browning owns the only prefect game ever thrown in Reds history. I guess it's no coincidence that tomorrow night is Mr. Prefect's bobble head give away night at Great American Ballpark as the Reds kick off the last home stand of the season. I'm sure there will be alot of reminiscing going on tonight and should be fun to watch the game as it unfolds again. CHECK IT OUT....Screw Monday Night Football watch a prefect game being thrown.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Micah Owings....Pitcher or Hitter???

(SP) Micah Owings switched dugouts in Arizona Friday night and then comes in as a pinch hitter in the 10th inning last night and wins it for the Reds with a big double. If Owings begins the spring struggling next season, is it possible that the Reds move him to the outfield or even 1st or 3rd? This guy can flat hit and hit with pop. He's now batting .302 on the season. His lifetime average is .318 with a .588 slugging percentage. I think this guy can be a big part of the Reds pitching rotation next season. After a terrible season, there's a lot of positives for this Reds organization with young players. A whole lot of young players.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Harang and Webb Duel It Out

Aarong Harang and former Kentucky Wildcat Brandon Webb battled it out tonight in a game that again saw the Reds bullpen implode in the eighth inning. Aaron and Brandon were both on top of their games. Harang could have filed suit for nonsupport once again. He gives up 'one unearned' in seven innings of work and the Reds don't score a single run while he is pitching. Bad thing for Harang was the fact that Webb was a little better than that. Webb pitched eight scoreless innings to make him the first National League 20 game winner in several years. The Diamondback bullpen made the game interesting by finally allowing a couple of runs to the Reds in the ninth. But yeah you guessed it, they needed three runs as the Reds bullpen gave up two more in the D-Back eighth to make the rally a run short for the Reds. Harang has the least run support not only in the National League but all of baseball. It's almost a given when he pitches the Reds don't score. Aaron's record now stands at 4-16, you have to believe after his last four starts that he is physically healthy and will be ready to roll next season. If tonight's performance is any indication Harang will again be the ace of this staff in 2009, yes he was that good tonight. Not taking anything away from Edinson Volquez, but one year doesn't make a staff ace. Let's hope they are both good enough that we have to argue about this next season.

There is another great match up slated for tomorrow as the Reds throw Edinson Volquez against the Diamondback's flame throwing Randy Johnson. The old man against the kid.....stay tuned and we will report how the kid kicks ass tomorrow.

Breaking News.....Reds get Owings

Well finally.......The Reds did get Micah Owings from the D-Backs to finally complete the Dunn trade after over a month. Owings started out on fire with the D-Backs this season and then faded and was eventually sent to Triple A. He's got a load of potential and has a big stick at the plate.

In other news, Brandon Phillips is officially out for the season with a finger injury. He had surgury on it this week. Get ready for next season Brandon.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Arroyo And Sabathia Battle It Out

Bronson Arroyo and CC Sabathia hooked up in a good pitchers duel yesterday in a game the Brewers needed to avoid a three game by sweep by our Reds. CC was his usual self take away the three run home run Jerry Hairston Jr. hit in the fifth inning. CC fanned eight Reds in his seven innings of work and left the game on the hook for the loss. Bronson Arroyo held the Brewers to two runs, both unearned, in his seven innings and he left the game with a win if the bullpen could hold the lead for him. This is where yesterdays game reminded me of last years team where you always worried what would the bullpen do to screw this game up. It wasn't pretty yesterday either as David Weathers allowed the tying and winning run to score on him. In one inning of work he let Sabathia off the hook for his first loss as a Brewer and let one slip away from Bronson, who with only two 'unearned' runs allowed really pitched his ass off and deserved a much better outcome than what he got.

Yesterday makes me wonder why Francisco Cordero can only pitch one inning at a time. Yesterday's game would have been the prefect time to make him earn his huge salary. He is by far the best guy we have in the bullpen, he might still want to impress his last year's team that let him get away, so use him. My reason for thinking Dusty made the wrong call again in yesterday's game. It was the 2,3,4 batters coming up in the eighth so why not throw our best at their best, hell if Cordero can't go but one inning take a look at which inning is going to be the toughest for the bullpen to shut down. Let Cordero pitch the eighth and bring Weathers in for the ninth where it's the bottom of the order due up. IS IT THAT HARD DUSTY!!!!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Breaking News......Phillips Out

The Cincinnati Enquirer is reporting that Brandon Phillips has flew back to Cincinnati to have his right index finger examined. They are saying the Brandon broke his finger while attempting a bunt in the 11th inning of last nights game. Brandon didn't get the bunt down but he did single home the winning run of that game in that same at bat. Reports are saying Phillips is out for the reminder of the year.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Yet Another Last Inning Win

It wasn't the ninth inning tonight but it was again last inning scoring that lead these Reds to their third straight win. With a run in the top of the 11th these guys seem to never say never. It's way to late for them to do anything but play spoiler, and playing spoiler is what they are doing. They have took the first two games of a three game series from the wild card leading Milwaukee Brewers, on the road in Miller Park no less.

Ramon Ramirez went six inning and only allowed one hit and one run. Ramirez actually had a string of ten straight batters retired as he left the game after throwing 107 pitches. He left the game with a 4-1 lead an in line for his first career win. Jared Burton came on in relief in the seventh and gave up three runs in his one inning of work to keep Ramirez from getting that elusive first career win and was charged with a blown save.

At the plate the Edwin Encarnation and Jay Bruce smashed back to back home runs, numbers 25 and 17 respectively. Wilkin Castillo had three hits for the second straight game to raise his average to .615, yet another hot rookie call up for these Reds. Jay Bruce added a single to his aforementioned home run and really seems to be back on track with the bat as he raised his average back to a more respectable .265

Monday, September 8, 2008

Another Ninth Inning Come From Behind Win

The Reds are making life a little tougher for these playoff contenders as they take another ninth inning win tonight at Miller Park In Milwaukee against the current wild card team, the Brewers. It was looking like a bad start to this road trip as the Reds fell behind early and just couldn't get anything going until the eight inning when Joey Votto, who is on fire, blasted his 19th home run to make it a two run game. In the ninth the Reds loaded the bases with no outs and the big hit came off Jeff Keppinger's bat as he banged one off the wall for a two run double scoring what would be the wining run for the Reds. Corey Patterson also had a clutch hit in the ninth that scored the first run in that inning. Jay Bruce made one of the best defensive plays of his young career in the bottom of the ninth to steal a for sure double from Craig Counsel with only one out. Counsel can still book it around the bases and very well could have stretched it to a triple where he could have scored on a fly ball to tie this game. Awesome Catch Jay!!!!!!

Edinson Volquez might have missed his shot at having a twenty win season after a pretty fair performance tonight that just wasn't quite good enough. The Reds just scored too late for Edinson to get a win, but on the bright side they keep him from taking another loss with the big ninth inning. It was looking like the Reds #1 pitcher would lose to the Brewers #5 pitcher, but thank goodness it wasn't to be. I hate to say it but even with Volquez fanning ten tonight, Dave Bush pitched a much better game. Bush was let down by Brewers closer Salomon Torres who blew the save for him.

The Reds also called up seven players from Louisville and it wasn't so much who got called up as who didn't get the call. Homer Bailey wasn't included in the late season promotions as he is being examined for a problem with a knee ligament. Good luck to all the guys getting a chance to show the Reds brass what they have this next few weeks as the season winds down.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Reds Win Rubber Game...Go Home Cubs

After the pitching duel, wink wink, that saw the Chicago Cubs end up on top, this afternoons game was the series decider and the Reds scored three in the bottom of the ninth to win the game. Aaron Harang threw a pretty solid game going seven innings and allowing six hits and three runs while fanning five. Of note was the fact that Dusty didn't start Chris Dickerson today, but he did pitch hit in the ninth and had a two run hit that was bobbled in a very clutch AB. Jolbert Cabrera then followed that with the game winning hit.

After the game on WGN one of their announcers made it pretty clear that Kerry Wood wasn't happy about Cabrera's celebration after the game winning hit. Is there more bad blood brewing between these two teams. I predict this will become one of the biggest rivalries in the National League in the next few years as the Reds will become a team that others will again fear. The Cubs just won't like it as they start to take a regular ass whipping from us and their fans will think twice about driving to Cincinnati and spending their money to watch their team lose!!!!!

It was a good home stand with the Reds going 6-3 and now head to Milwaukee for tomorrow nights game. The rookies continue to impress and this will show benefits next year.

NL Rookie of the Year-Soto vs. Votto

Since the Reds and Cubbies have split the first two games of their series, I thought we could compare my leaders for NL Rookie of the Year.

Geovany Soto-C (Cubs) .292/21/80 33 doubles 113 K/57 BB in 455 at-bats. On-base .369 Slugging .512.

Joey Votto-1B (Reds) .294/18/70 25 doubles 88 K/47 BB in 452 at-bats. On-base % .363 Slugging .478.

I bet you may not have known the stats were that close. The fact that the Cubs are in 1st place gives Soto a big edge. This one should come down to the final weeks of the season. Let's go Joey V.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Bronson Arroyo's Arm and Jay Bruce's Bat

What a great start to this three game series against the Chicago Cubs. Bronson Arroyo pitched into the seventh inning allowing only one run and striking out six to win his 14th game. It was another solid outing for Bronson who has been lights out the last couple months. Bronson allowed only four hits and two walks and with the Reds scoring 10 runs he actually cruised to this victory. Bronson is now 3-0 against the Cubs.

At the plate Jay Bruce smashed his 16th home run, the first grand slam of his career. Jay actually stated after the game that this was truly his first ever grand slam......and that goes for little league right thru high school and the minors. He also added his 14th double. It looks like Jay is dialed in again and ready to hit more like he did when he first came up this season.

Speaking of dialed in, if Joey Votto don't win the National League player of the week there should be an investigation. Joey is knocking the cover off the ball, he went deep again tonight, his 18th home run. Votto also added his 25th double and 3 RBI's to extend his total to 70 on the year. His average is now standing at .297, yes he has quietly put together a very solid rookie season.

Like I have said here before I have been a Reds fan for all of my 54 years and this is by far the best crop of rookies I have ever seen in a Reds uniform at the same time. You tell me when the Reds put four rookies like this on the field at the same time. Jay Bruce, Joey Votto, Chris Dickerson, and tomorrows starting pitcher Johnny Cueto make up the best crop of rookies I have ever seen, as a group, in a Reds uniform.

Marty says...........Cubs fans are punks. Let's take 3

Reds off to a great start. There are probably more Cubs fans in Great American tonight as there are Reds fans. Let's make it a miserable trip in the rain.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Future Reds Outfielder

Chris Dickerson as of last night had did something no one has ever done in the history of the game. Of his first twenty-five hits fifteen have gone for extra bases. Yes you heard that right, this has never been done in Major League Baseball history. I am not going to take credit for looking up this kind of a stat, but on today's game FSN announcer Tom Brennaman shot this tidbit at the listeners. To go along with this record start Chris has a .333 batting average and a slugging percentage of .718 so this guy is truly on fire. Can he win the everyday outfield job for next year. You gotta believe it's looking pretty good so far. Good Luck Chris, keep it up. He also seems like a very nice and friendly type guy that can actually smile and show everyone that he knows how fortunate he is to be a Major League Baseball player. This is quite the contrast to his teammate playing the hot corner who appears constipated at times and never seems to have anything to smile about.....again did I say that!!!!!!

Reds Avoid The Broom

On an afternoon when the brooms could have come out for the wrong team, the Reds fought their way back from a 5-0 deficit to win the final game of this three game series with the Pittsburgh Pirates. Jay Bruce hit his fifteen home run in the bottom of the second to start a string of a run an inning for the Reds until they finally tied the game at five in the sixth. All this seemed like for naught as the Pirates again went ahead in the top of the eighth on a Nate McLouth home run, this freakin guy is for real. But the Reds weren't to be denied this afternoon as they came back with three runs in the bottom of the eighth to end the two game losing streak. Joey Votto had a bases loaded single in this big inning to add to his 17th home run of the season he hit earlier in the game. Joey Votto is the clean up hitter in this lineup, but he could be moved down to fifth in the order if the Reds acquire a much needed slugging right handed bat in the off season.

Things won't get much easier tomorrow when Bronson Arroyo will face off against Ted Lilly, in the first game of a three game series against the team with the best record in the National League the Chicago Cubs. Arroyo and Lilly both thirteen game winners faced off a couple weeks ago with Bronson getting the best of Lilly 2-1. Hopefully history repeats itself tomorrow night. Can the Reds at least play spoiler to a team that's trying to win it's first World Series in 100 years.

On another note from this afternoon's game....Josh Fogg left the game in the bottom of the third inning after straining his groin scoring the Reds second run of the game. After giving up five runs in the first two innings, maybe this saves the game for the Reds.......Did I just say that!!!!!!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Edinsion Volquez.....Chris Dickerson

Edinson Volquez fanned thirteen tonight to set a new career high for himself, that's the good news. The bad news was that the basement dweller Pittsburgh Pirates took another one run game from the Reds. This win, once again in the Reds own yard, sealed the season series for the Pirates. If you can't win at home over the last place team in your division then what the hell are the Cubs going to do to you this weekend.

Dusty Baker gave Edinson Volquez was given an extra inning of work tonight that he normally wouldn't do. After throwing over 100 pitches by the end of the sixth, and the scored still tied 4-4 Dusty gave him the ball for the seventh. Everyone knew what that was all about, give him a chance to win his 17th game and still be in line for maybe a twenty win season. The Reds just couldn't get him the lead and the bullpen gave up two more runs to seal the win for Pittsburgh. Volquez would have to run the table the rest of the way to become the Reds first twenty game winner in over twenty years.

Chris Dickerson just keeps on keeping on. Chris blasted his sixth home run that was measured to be over 425 feet. This guy is making it tougher and tougher for the Reds not to pencil him in as the everyday left fielder next season. Fifteen of his twenty-four hits have gone for extra bases and his slugging percentage is now .707 with an outstanding .320 batting average there seems to be very few holes in his game.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Bronson Arroyo & Brandon Phillips

Bronson Arroyo was named the co player of the week for the first time in his career. Bronson led all pitchers throwing 16 innings including a complete game for the first of his two wins last week. If Bronson finishes up the season this strong he can still have a pretty fair season after getting off to probably the worse start up of his career. Rock and Roll Bronson!!!

Off the field, it was reported today by Tom Brennaman during the Reds broadcast, that Brandon Phillips was the Reds recipient of the Roberto Clemente award for his outstanding work on the field and off the field. Tom told of several things that Brandon did off the field including giving $25,000 to a local youth league field that was in dire need of fixing up. Anytime we can help the youth of this country do something positive with their free time, especially play baseball, only good things can happen. I have always said that Brandon is more than a great baseball player, if anyone is out there signing autographs before a game you can bet Brandon is one of them, and he is always doing it with a smile!!!!

Move Over Marty

Move over Marty. My boy might be taking your job. Mr. Ethan got to call out the lead off hitter for the Bats on Monday afternoon.

AAA Louisville Bats Enter the Playoffs

Playoffs? Yep, at least someone in the Reds organization is going. The Louisville Bats take an all time record 88 wins into the International League playoffs that begin Wednesday night versus Durham. The first game will be a great matchup with Matt Maloney going up against #1 prospect David Price from the Rays. Game two will feature the struggling Homer Bailey. Hopefully, Bailey will get it together. Go Bats. Be looking for a Bats giveaway tomorrow.

Reds and Bucs battle for last place

The Reds drop game 1 of the cellar dwellar series in Cincy. Aaron Harang is now 4-15 in 2008. That is unbelievable. The bright spots were again the young guys in Hannigan, Dickerson, and Jay Bruce. The Reds are now only 3 games up on the Pirates for dead last. At least we are playing for something.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Good Start To Home Stand

Fresh off a very poor 3-6 road trip the Reds licked their wounds and limped home to Great American Ballpark and took three straight from the Giants. Yeah I know it was the Giants but it was still a three game sweep and how many of those has their been this season. Pittsburgh riding a sweet 10 game losing streak comes to town on Tuesday night to take their medicine as the Reds will continue to roll this week. Can anyone else remember the last time the Reds didn't play on Labor Day. Hell me and my co-writer had to go see the Reds AAA farm team at Louisville Slugger Field today to get our baseball fix. The Louisville Bats are set to start the International League Playoffs on Wednesday night after winning their division this season. This was no small task as the Reds have raided the roster many times this season. Bat's manager Rick Sweet was named International League manager of the year, an award well deserved. Hopefully he gets his shot in the you feel heat on your heels Dusty!!!!

Ok guys one game at a time and lets finish this season off on a high note!!!!

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Reds Young Guns-hitters

Well, as a Reds fan in the past decade, you always seem to be looking to next season. This season, some new Reds are getting a chance to shine.

Chris Dickerson (OF): Seems like Dickerson has never really lit up the minors like he's came up and tore up the big leagues. With another double and homer last night, his average sits at .328 with 4 homers, 7 doubles, a triple, and 10 RBI. He's slugging a crazy .672 and has 4 steals. Looks like with a good ending to this season, he could find himself a home in the Reds outfield.

Jay Bruce (OF): After coming up early and dominating National Leauge pitching, National League pitching dominating him. His strikeout numbers are alarming with 86 in 326 at bats but he does have 14 homers and 40 RBI slugging .423. His base running and defense are suspect big time but you have to remember this guy has hardly zero minor league experience. He's learning on the fly.

Joey Votto (1B): He's figured it out. He's raised his average to .288 for the season and has 15 homers and 60 RBI. His early strikeout numbers resembled Bruce's. He's still bad, I mean really bad on D too. Needs a lot of off season work with the glove.

Jolbert Cabrera (SS/OF/2B/3B): Jack of all trades on defense. He's looked really good at the plate for the RedLegs batting .295 and slugging .475 in 29 games. Doesn't exactly like to walk like most of the other young Reds with 4 BB and 17 Ks. I'm not sure where he'll fit in next season but he could figure to be a great bench player b/c of the ability to play everywhere on defense in the mold of Ryan Freel.

Jeff Keppinger (SS/3b/1b): Keppinger has been down this season b/c of injury troubles but I love this guy in the lineup. He is one of the few Reds who doens't strikeout much. He's only batting .267 this season after going .332 last season.

Ryan Hannigan (C): Another young fella I'd like to see next season. He's batted .259 in only 29 ab bats so far slugging .519. Loads of potential. I'd say he and Bako will platoon next season at Catcher.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Let's Try Small Ball

I think those of you still interested in what happens to the Cincinnati Reds the rest of the way show more desire than what I am seeing from these players. I am not a Reds basher or I wouldn't spend my time writing this on almost a daily basis. How much more of this can I take and still want to put my thoughts into words....well it's about over for the season.....should I say thank the good Lord......well when it's over I will still be a very loyal Reds fan. I think some of my biggest disappointments are with the people that the front office put on the field to manage and coach this team. Why can't we keep guys from swinging for the fences every AB. Are they trying to make up for the power we lost in Jr. and Dunn, well they gone try to find another way to win guys. This team needs to play small ball if ever a team needed to. We are losing some tight games that if we played for one run here and one run there we would improve plenty. Start taking a pitch instead of swinging at the first pitch and getting in a hole, it's not that complicated. Hit and run, steal a base. Get em on, get over, get em in. This road trip, check the scores, close but no cigars. We lost two of three in all three cities on the trip, that's a .333 winning percentage. I am just not sure Dusty understands that we need to try to win another way or maybe he just doesn't give a shit. What in the name of Sparky Anderson does he do during a game instead of chew on a tooth pick. If fans can see the mistakes and realize we are not "The Big Red Machine" maybe it's time we try small ball!!!!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Roy Oswalt....enough said

Did anyone really expect anything other than what happened tonight at Minute Maid Park in Houston with Reds killer Roy Oswalt on the mound for the Astro's. NOT ME!
Oswalt went seven to improve to 12-9 with an ERA of 4.11 Now if you look at those numbers you would think this guy could be had every now and then. This guy is now an incredible 22-1 against the Reds, that's way more than crazy it's insane to be this bad against this guy. Actually the Reds had their chances tonight but Oswalt kept shutting them down every time you thought a little rally was going to happen.

Josh Fogg, sporting an ERA of over 9.50 in his last eleven starts to go with an 0-6 record over that same time span, actually threw a pretty good game. Oswalt gave up five hits over seven innings and Fogg gave up six hits over six innings. It was that extra hit Fogg gave up that was the difference though. Hunter Pence took him deep for a two run shot in the fourth inning and that was all Oswalt needed as he held the Reds to only one run. You are not going to win many games scoring one run.

Aaron Harang tries to follow up that great outing he had last week in the rubber game tomorrow afternoon.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Bronson Arroyo Throws Reds First Complete Game This Year

It only took 132 games but now the Reds are in the book as the last team in Major League Baseball to have a pitcher throw a complete game as Bronson Arroyo goes the distance tonight. In a time of closers making as much or more money than some good starters a complete game isn't what it used to be. How many managers will automatically go to their closer 'anytime' a save situation is there. Hey, let me ask you this, did you realize this was the Reds first complete game this year, did you know the Reds were the last team in baseball to throw a complete game. Arroyo pushed his record to 12-10 on the year and a couple months ago I bet no one would think he would get back to .500....Great job Bronson.

Now my question to Dusty Baker......If Francisco Cordero had been available tonight, he was away from the team as his wife was giving birth to their son, would you have given Bronson the chance to finish what he started. Was there a reason you didn't go to David Weathers to close for the save....For my money with only 100 pitches thrown through the first eight innings by Bronson, there was gas left in the tank and he got it done.

On another note, Jay Bruce might be marred in the biggest slump of his career with his average slipping to .252 and yes he has struck out in 7 of his last 9 official AB's.
Maybe he gets it going against the Reds worse nightmare, Roy Oswalt tomorrow night on FSN at 8pm......See you then and GO REDS....let's finish on a high note!!

Homer Bailey Update

The Reds announced that Homer Bailey has a "mild sprain of MCL in his right knee." If you were thinking with Johnny Cueto going down for the count, Bailey would get another call up, well don't count on it at this point anyway. Homer will miss his next start, which was to be Thursday, and have his knee checked again on Friday. Just how much more good news can the Reds handle this year.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Reds roll into the Lone Star State

The Reds open up a series with another team that doesn't have anything to play for on Tuesday in Houston.

Tuesday: Arroyo vs. Wandy Rodriguez

Wed: Fogg vs. Reds Killer Roy Oswalt

Thursday: Harang vs. Backe

Cueto probably done for the season

Johnny Cueto is most likely done for the 2008 season with some shoulder problems. To me, if there are any problems, the Reds should shut him down for this disasterous season and begin building for a playoff run in 09 with this nice young pitching staff.

Fantasy Football Info

Yes I do know we are fantasy baseball, but how many of you will also play fantasy football. Baseball is my first love for sure, but I do enjoy using fantasy football to bridge the gap between baseball seasons.
Just wanted to put a plug in for a site that rocks with great info.
visit as there is live advice the next few days with Brian Swaw of gametimedecisions, Matthew Berry of the four letter network and plenty other fantasy experts. John Clayton is on the air as I write this giving his expert advice.
We have a button on the right hand side of this blog that is a link right to Brian Swaw's site, check it out. The way my Reds are playing I might even need a break from this mess that Dusty Baker knows nothing about repairing.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Another blown game by the bullpen

Last night and now again today. Weathers blows it in the 9th. 5 errors from the Reds stellar D! Two from Bruce that cost the Reds 2 of the 3 runs today. Edwin had his 20th error. It was on a throw...........big surprise!

Friday, August 22, 2008

desperate times.....................

If I was this weather guy, I'd kick my own butt. You'll have to go down and stop playlist to hear this.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Reds Parking advisory link

for Sunday 8/24................will anyone be there anyway?

Reds send a letter of apology to fans

Interesting read from Castellini and Jocketty. Didn't say anything in the letter about spending the $28 million they just dumped from Dunn and Griffey.................................just a thought..................

Griffey ties Sosa for 5th all time

White Sox slugger Ken Griffey Jr.......................that just doesn't sound right does it...............tied Slammin HGH/Steroids Sammy Sosa for 5th on the all time homer list. Great job Griff. Let's make it #4 tommorrow.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Reds Shut Out by the Cubbies

The Bats were on fire tonight..................somebody must have set them on fire before the game. The Reds had a big 3 hits and struck out 13 times tonight at Wrigley. Cueto pitched pretty well going 7 striking out 6 and only giving up 1 run. The only run he gave up should have been an out at home if Edwin had any sense on a safety sqeeze. The Cubby was half way down the line when he fielded it and Cueto was screaming at him not to throw to first. This guy is a joke playing third. It wouldn't break my hear to see him go bye bye in a trade in the off season. Maybe somebody needs a guy who can bat .240 and play an awful third base right now. Put him on waivers!!!!Keppinger had 2 of the Reds 3 hits and only 1 of their 13 Ks. Lincoln continues his awful second half giving up 4 runs. Is there any question who is the worst team in baseball after the all star break??????

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Edinsion Volquez Dominates Cardinals For 15th Win

Edinsion Volquez, one of the few bright spots for the Cincinnati Reds this season, won his 15th game this afternoon against the St. Louis Cardinals. Volquez threw seven shutout innings only allowing three hits while striking out four. Edinsion lowered his ERA to an awesome 2.73 on the season. We were talking about Volquez hitting the wall a few starts ago, maybe he has crashed thru that wall and is now ready for the stretch drive. Is there any question who the ace of this staff is right now. I wish Aaron Harang all the luck in the world but this is now Edinsion's role to lose.

It was a total team effort on the offensive side as the Reds smashed 13 hits in route to the 7-3 win. Brandon Phillips hit his 20th home run of the season and had three hits for the game. The new guy, Chris Dickerson, had another big game going 3-5 to keep his young average above .400 for his first nine games in the bigs. Jay Bruce added two hits and the guy that doesn't know how to smile, Edwin Encarnacion, actually had three hits and one small hint of a smile after his third one.

Well it's on the road now as the Reds play their next three games in the worlds largest beer garden also know as Wrigley Field. I would love to see the Reds play spoiler on this road trip....I love to beat the Cubs so much!!!!!

Eric "The Red" Davis was interviewed today, again in uniform in the dugout at GAB. Eric said he was there to keep the guys in a positive frame of mind and just be there for whatever help is needed......what does this mean???

Saturday, August 16, 2008

This pretty much sums it up.......Reds Starters

Aaron Harang: 3-13 5.88

Edinson Volquez: 14-5 2.86.............the only Red's bright spot.

Bronson Arroyo: 10-10 5.51 ERA

Johnny Cueto: 8-11 4.90 ERA

Josh Fogg: 2-5 7.71

Homer Bailey: 0-6 7.93 ERA

Daryl Thompson: 0-2 6.91 ERA

It's taken 2 good outings by Cueto to get his ERA below 5.00. Before that, Volquez was the only Reds starter this year with an ERA below 5.00. Tons of talent, zero results. That pretty much sums up this season. Potentially a new pitching coach for 2009?????????????????????????????????

Reds finally sign Alonso

The Reds beat last night's deadline and signed #7 overall pick 1B Yonder Alonso to a Major League contract worth 4.5 million dollars. Signing a major league vs a minor league contract means Alonso must be on the Reds 40 man major league roster. Hopefully, he can make a quick move through the minors and be up in a couple of years.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Eric "The Red" Davis

Not sure what to read into it, but Eric Davis is "in uniform" and in the Cincinnati Reds dugout at the start of tonight's game. If I get anymore info on this I will post it here ASAP. FSN was commenting that maybe it's a sign of the future. Eric was giving Jay Bruce a lot of attention as the FSN cameras showed him.
Anyone know more, let me know!

Reds still haven't inked 1st rounder Alonso

#7 overall pick Yonder Alonso from "The U" still hasn't signed with the Reds as of today. He's asking for a $7 million signing bonus and a spot on the 40 man roster. It looks like the Reds are offering 1/2 that and a minor league contract. Looks like a wasted 1st round pick. The Reds will get another draft pick next year (#8 overall) if he doesn't sign but here's a spot where nobody did their homework. Great work by the front office again. If you're not going to sign these guys, trade away the pick at least. You knew what he'd be asking for. I just don't understand. On a positive note, the Reds have signed 31 of their draft picks so far. There's a whole line of pitchers taken behing the 1B Alonso.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Reds Win Rubber game

Well when is the last time we can say the Reds won a series on the road, I don't care if it was against the Pirates. After a great pitching performance by Johnny Cueto the Reds actually won a road series. Cueto only went five and I think it was one of the few good decisions Dusty Baker has made this season, to get him out of there while he still had a great pitching line. Johnny only gave up one run while fanning seven in his five innings. It was definitely a step forward for Cueto.

On another note Chris Dickerson's first week in the major leagues has been pretty good. Of his four big league hits all have gone for extra bases. Chris has three doubles and a triple, not a bad start.

Cordero came in the ninth to pick up his 23rd save and the 200th of his career. The Reds did execute a prefect suicide squeeze in the top of the ninth to give them a two run lead and a little breathing room for Cordero.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Fogg.....Good For Four ?

Well it was another typical Joss Fogg night and another typical loss for the Reds. After breaking a six game losing streak last night, the Reds just couldn't put back to back wins together. Fogg will start out fairly good and make it about four innings and then his world implodes. One problem with that, a starter needs to go at least five innings to be deemed a starter. As the Reds disassemble themselves and try to get ready for 2009 you have to throw Fogg out of the mix as well. Fogg is a number five pitcher that makes you think he could be better if he could throw the fourth and fifth like he does the first and second innings.

On a lighter note it was rumored on Paul Daugherty's post game radio show that the reason Corey Patterson is still a Red is because he is engaged to Dusty Baker's daughter. Remember this is only a rumor, funny as it is. At this point we need funny because we can either laugh or cry and remember there is no crying in baseball, even if you are a Reds fan!!!!!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Reds get Micah Ownings????

My son just told me that ESPN is reporting that the Reds got Micah Ownings from the D-Backs. Ownings is a guy with huge pitching upside and he can swing a mean stick too. It's not confirmed but if it's true, that makes the Dunn trade look a little better.

Chris Dickerson debut

Chris Dickerson made his major league debut for the Reds tonight and looked really good. He had a walk and a run in the 1st. He doubled for his first major league hit. He also stole a base during the game. He's got great speed and he's fighting for a job. I love his speed in the outfield along with Bruce and Hairston Jr. That should help the ERA immediately.


Just another short rant on the powers that be in Cincinnati. It was just reported on "First Take" that Adam Dunn is the first player sense 1900 to be traded during the season while he was leading Major League Baseball in home runs......another first for the brilliant front office of the Cincinnati Reds!!!!!!!!

Not that Dunn ever hit for a great average but I also just read that Dunn's lowest average to date, ball park wise, is Chase Field in Arizona....for whatever that's worth.


Monday, August 11, 2008

My Take On The Dumping Of Dunn

First I don't think I would even call it a trade. I think it's the Reds admitting they have given up this season and rightfully so I hate to say. But what are they saying about 2009, we are a small market team and we can't afford Adam Dunn, you bet your ass that's what they are saying. I think every team needs at least one lifer for their team. The last player the Reds had as a lifer was Barry Larkin and Larkin was as important as any player sense Pete Rose to play for this team. I am not saying Adam Dunn should have been the next lifer for the Reds. But I am saying after the way they gave away Griffey and Dunn, for no other reason than to save millions of dollars, they need to go out and make a statement and lock up Jay Bruce in a long term contract. Don't even say you can't afford him now. If the fans don't have anyone that they know will be there for the long term then fans will lose interest, believe this Reds. After your team falls out of the pennant race all you have left is hope, hope you get to see some good baseball once in a while and be able to cheer for someone that you 'KNOW' will be there next year and the year after. I think Jay Bruce is that kind of player, you can see his enthusiasm for the game. Now it's time for the Reds to do what's right for the fans. I do understand he can't leave for a couple of years, but did that stop Milwaukee from locking up Ryan Braun already. Let's show him now that he is the next Reds lifer.....Lock him up Reds!!!

Dunn trade continued

OK. Here's my take of the Dunn trade. In all reality, the Reds weren't going to pay Dunn the 15 to 16 million he would demand next season as a free agent. Dunn's not a good outfielder and the Reds already have two lefty batters that have to hit in the 3-5 slots in the order. I totally understand the trade. I'm just shocked that you can't get more for him. I realize that he's a two month rent for the D-Backs but this guy has more homers in the last 4 years than ANYBODY else in the majors. (1 more than A Rod). He leads the majors this season with 32. I realize he strikes out a lot and bats only in the .230s but he also gives you a lot of walks. Can you not at least get a good prospect for him? Are you seriously going to pay 1/2 of this year's remaining $4 million??You get a guy that's struggled in A ball and had Tommy John surgery last year?????? You get two "players to be named later"..........that is usually two minor lifers. Way to go Walt. You got rid of some money. You better go out and spend the 24 million from Dunn and Griffey this winter and get this thing back on track.

Anyway, good luck to Dunn. He'll probably only play against righties. Maybe will see him in the playoffs along with Griffey. At least two Reds have a chance to go to the playoffs.

Dunn just traded to D-Backs..........for nothing!!!

More on this later. Adam Dunn cleared waivers and was traded to the D-Backs for a Single A pitcher who's 1-4 with a 3.93 ERA and two players to be named later. Un-freakin-belivalbe.

Has The Desire To Win Left This Team

All I can say if any team is in need of an off day this Reds team is that team. I REALLY thought this was going to be a real chance for the Reds to reach the post season. I still say the foundation is in place for a pretty good team.

Jay Bruce has had two twelve game hitting streaks this season. I have personally seen him drive the ball the other way numerous times. His swing is natural and with little effort, and yes he could use a little plate discipline, but he is absolutely the real deal. Here's hoping the Reds get this guy under a long term contract very soon.

Joey Votto, Jeff Keppinger, both very good young players. Votto has power and Keppinger plays a great SS and hits for average.....although he has slumped with the team as of late.

Brandon Phillips might be his own biggest enemy. Last years 30-30 season might have made him want to swing for the fences a little too much this season. I think he thinks he can put the team on his back and carry them instead of just playing his game and not trying to do it all. He also makes some dazzling plays at 2B.

Who knows where big Adam Dunn will be next season, I do hope it's in Cincinnati. But is it a coincidence that his lack of HR's and very sorry average this month has come at the same time as the worse span of games the Reds have played. If the Reds and Dunn don't hit home runs they don't usually win. I have heard this statement many times this year and use to just blow it off but it's the truth.

Anyway let's hope they just get away from the game today and not even think about baseball and go out and have some fun, clear their heads and come back tomorrow with a bigger desire to win, because quite frankly I haven't seen that desire lately!!!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Hannigan and Harang-Surprise, The Reds lose again!

Ryan Hannigan homered in his 1st game with the Reds today which was one of the only bright spots again. Hannigan went 2-4. I may be wrong but I think 5 of the 6 main starters for the season have an ERA over 5.00.

Harang was absolutely awful in his return from the DL. 4 innings and 8 ER. Nice. Can you believe a #1 pitcher is 3-12. Harang needs to go ahead and shut it down and get ready for 2009.

The bullpen was solid for the most part again except Majewski. It's hard to tell how good the bullpen is b/c the Reds are always down so big by the time the pen is called into action, there is no pressure.

Ryan Hannigan finally called up

**The Reds finally called up catching prospect Ryan Hannigan from AAA Louisville. Hannigan doesn't have a lot of power but I've seen him gun out quite a few base runners this year and he does hit for average. Hannigan has hit .324 in Louisville this season and has a nice BB/K ratio which will be nice on this Reds team that strikes out so often.

**Harang was activated from the DL and will start Sunday. It should help facing Houston without Carlos Lee in the middle of the order. Homer Bailey will take his 7.93 ERA back to Louisville and try to find some location and a putaway pitch.

**The Reds are 1-8 since the Griffey trade. Great work guys.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Bronson Deserved Better

After a shaky start Bronson Arroyo settled down to throw a pretty good game. Bronson loaded the bases in the first and it looked like another terrible start for the Reds, but he actually got out of the inning only giving up one run. If you look at Arroyo's line (6.0 innings, gave two runs and fanned seven) you would think the Reds had a great chance to get a win. "NOT SO" if we get good pitching we get no hitting if we get offense we get sloppy pitching. Are we just snake bit this season.....

What if Jay Bruce wasn't hitting right now....again Bruuuuuce was the only player with more than one hit. Jay collected two hits and "the rest of the team" collected a total of three hits, yes it was another five hit night for this powerful offense.

I will say this, in the past 36 years I can't remember the Reds playing with this kind of heart or lack thereof.

Do you like those old records that would stick, listen to Dusty's post game comments. He has no clue as to what to say much less what to do to motivate this team.....I could write his press comments before he ever says a word. I am as big a Red's fan as there is, but how much more of this are we going to have to watch, but I will watch!!!!!!

Aaron Harang is schedule to come off the DL and get the Reds a win on Sunday afternoon.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Reds to pay for fans to come to the game..........

just kidding. If this keeps up, they'll have to start giving tickets away. They are just plain awful right now. You could keep Bruce, Phillips, and Votto and do away with the rest of the team and it would be more exciting to watch.

Different Night....Same Story

I refuse to comment on such a fiasco. Officially they suck!!!!!!!!!

It is making me ill to watch this team. I will have ulcers by the end of the season at this rate.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Notes From The Game

Red Killer, Roy Oswalt who owns a 20-1 record against the Reds coming into tonight's game gets help right off the bat, help we can't afford to give the man. Edwin Encarnation in his first AB with the bases loaded and two out in the first, swings and misses on the first pitch, looks at strike two on the second pitch, looks at strike three on the third pitch......That will get some runs least swing the damn bat!!!

Well Homer Bailey last night and the other #5 pitcher, Josh Fogg tonight. It's only the 3rd inning and already it's 5-0 Houston, after a three run home run by Hunter Pence. It's almost too sorry to watch.

Behind 6-0, Jay Bruce leads off the sixth inning with a line shot double on an 0-2 pitch off Oswalt. Thinking we might just push a run across this inning, Jay Bruce gets thrown out at third on a ground ball to his right that he shouldn't have been running on. My grandson's little league team could have throw Bruce out on that play. Don't they teach this in A ball, down 6-0 no outs and you make the first out of an inning at 3B on a ground ball you shouldn't have been running on. I'm not the manager and it drives me crazy.

The Reds are trying to make it interesting in the ninth. Corey Patterson, actually batting as the tying run, and his interstate BA flies out to end this one with a final score of 7-4. The Reds did collect 13 hits to match the hit output of the Astro's but still lose again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Make that a 21-1 record for Roy Oswalt against the Reds!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

My favorite 'Put Out' Of The year

The fat ass Prince just tried to score on Jay Bruce after Bruce caught a fly ball in right field. Fielder threw his 350 pounds of vegetarian ass into David Ross but Ross held onto the ball and got the out....This was a VERY nice play for Bruce and Ross. Because Barry Bonds is no where on the baseball radar screen, my favorite player to hate is now Prince Fielder.

As far as the game went.....just rewind the tape.....Homer Bailey still hasn't won a big league game this year and it's been April sense he has won any game. With Aaron Harang getting ready real fast I wouldn't be surprised if this was Homer's last start for a while. Bailey is now 0-6 with and an embarrassing 7.93 ERA.....not sure how much more the Reds will deal with this right now.....But what do you do with Bailey!!!!!!!!!!!! The season is over as far as the Reds are concerned so do you keep throwing him out there for experience or send him back to Louisville, heck he wasn't sitting the world on fire there either. I think I send him to A ball until he gets a win, then move him up to AA ball until he gets two wins, then back to Louisville for the remainder of the season barring another Reds starter going on the shelf. It's gotta get better next season Homer.....hang in there

Jay Bruce is still wearing the rawhide out as he hit his 11th home run and 11th double of the season and also had all three RBI's today....still the Reds averaged less than a hit per inning today.....where in the name of Pete Rose has this offense went....last night Bruce was the only double digit hitter and today Bruce was joined by Jolbert Cabrera as the only two players to collect more than a single hit.......wins will be very hard to come by like this.

The Brew crew takes two of three to open this home stand for the Reds.....NOT GOOD GUYS

Reds Community Fund Auction During Today's Game

This afternoon the Reds are offering items up for bid to benefit the Reds Community Fund to help improve the lives of kids in and around Reds country. They did work in Louisville and Jefferson County this year rebuilding some old ball fields. I actually talked to some of the members of this fine group during the Reds Caravan at the Louisville Slugger Bat Factory and Museum this year.

Go to to check out what's up for bid.

This game will be replayed tonight on FSN to get more people aware of the Reds Community Fund Auction.....The game wasn't pretty but there is some nice items up for bid!!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Be Carefull.......Reds Ticket Scam

It was reported on Reds Live after the game tonight that someone is selling Diamond Club Tickets over the Internet that are fake tickets. The Reds wanted everyone to know that Diamond Club Tickets are only sold from the Reds web site or by Stub Hub. He said several people have spent big money on these tickets only to be turned away at the gate because of the fake tickets. I am assuming these are probably being sold on EBAY, but not 100% this is where it's happening, so be care full. I will say this, I have used EBAY many many times for tickets and have never gotten bad tickets. Just reporting what the Reds reported after the game. Check out what the Reds are saying about this ticket scam here!!!!!

Winning Streak Is Over

Well the (one game) winning streak is officially over as the Reds fall tonight to the bruisers, I mean Brewers by the final score of 8-1. No I didn't see a fight tonight, but I did hear a half ass "I'm sorry" from the Prince. I can't seem to give a darn about the stats of this game as it's becoming harder and harder to watch these guys just go thru the motion. If you do look at the box, as I did after I watched this game, this is what jumped out to me. The Reds had a total of five hits, no one had over one hit. I scan over to the Brewers side and I see no less than five guys with at least two hits, you won't win many games with offense like this. Yes the pitching was not good but if the hitting was a little better maybe that pumps up the pitcher somewhat. Maybe these Reds need to watch that Pete Rose video and hope they learn what true hustle is. By the way, thanks Gmo, that was awesome and it bought me much more pleasure than any Reds game has lately.

The Reds did something nice tonight, not on the field though. A family drove to Cincinnati from North Carolina tonight to see a couple of games. They wanted to meet Jim Day of Reds Live. Jim interviewed them on the air during the game. He asked them if they were coming to the game tomorrow afternoon and they were not coming back till the Thursday night game. Well to make a long story short the Reds gave the entire family Diamond Seats for tomorrow's game.....WOW....must be nice, well if the winning streak wasn't over already it would be better!!!!!!!

Rose Video

Thought I'd throw this one on here for RoseFan. It's got to make you feel better than watching the Reds here lately. You need to go down to the bottom of the site and hit the stop button on Playlist to listen.

Marty rips the Cubs fans..............NICE!

You'll have to go down and hit stop on Playlist to hear Marty.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Two Events For The Price Of One At Reds Game Tonight

No it wasn't an old school double hitter tonight but the fans did get two events tonight for the price of one. There was a ball game that the Reds ended up winning 6-3 but there was also a fight between Brewers starting pitcher and the fat ass punk Prince Fielder. After starting pitcher Manny Parra was lifted for a pitch hitter he and Fielder had a few words in the Brewers dugout. Fielder pushed and hit Parra twice before team mates got between them and tried to stop the embarrassment that was being viewed by both teams FSN broadcast. After the game it was all down played as these things always are, but one wonders if the past week's performance on the field lead to this dugout scuffle. Brewers manager Ned Yost said this was no ones business and liken it to your neighbors fighting and saying it's rude for you to go knocking on your neighbors door when there is a fight going on. He also said it was no big deal, but hinted that it did warrant there you go. The spoiled fat ass brat Prince trying to throw his weight around against someone 100 pounds lighter than his vegetarian ass should be benched for the remaining two games with the Reds...yeah right!!!!

We Did Score More Runs Than The Brewers

Something very strange happened tonight at Great American Ballpark, the Reds actually put up more runs than the other team......So at last Marty gets to bellow "this one belongs to the Reds" again. He's been here a while so I really don't think he forgot the words that seem to have been such a long time in coming. This was the first win for the Reds sense Jr got traded last week, wow!

Bronson Arroyo did more than throw a good game he also had a two run double to get the scoring started tonight. Bronson is really starting to look like the old Bronson of last year, and it's not a second too soon. He picked up his tenth win of the season tonight going six innings allowing only one run on four hits while fanning six.

Jay Bruce continues to swing a hot bat going 2 for 2 and hitting a power full opposite field home run into the left field seats.

Francisco Cordero made the ninth inning interesting once again. Cordero started the ninth with a three run lead and actually had the tying run come to the plate before he finally shut the door to pick up his 22nd save. I can't remember his last 1-2-3 ninth inning, but at least we did score more runs than the Brewers!!!!!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

How Low Can We Go!!!

Does it get any worse for my Cincinnati Reds. The Reds now find themselves with a record of 51-61 limping back to great American ballpark ten games under .500 and losers of eight of their last ten games.

The Reds headed to our nations capitol on Friday to face a team that was thirty two (32) games under .500 and owners of baseballs worse record. This should have been a great opportunity for the Reds. They leave town licking their wounds after three straight losses to the suddenly mighty Nationals. It is getting worse not better and I do believe you can stick the big fork in them.

Before Sundays game the Reds held a players only meeting to discuss the mess they have played themselves into. That worked about as much as Corey Patterson's bat has been working.......SO MUCH FOR THAT!!!!!!!

I only have one small piece of fantasy advice. Watch for who is on the mounds facing the Reds and get that guy fast as the Reds can make most pitchers look like Cy Young contenders. What is it going to take to turn this around, that's what we want to know this week. Tells us what you think the Reds need to do to right the ship. Leave your comments here, we will be glad to see what your take is on this team.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Where do the Reds go from here?

The rest of 2008: Where do the Reds go from here? They could still get to .500 this season but even the Wild Card seems out of reach with the Brewers and Cardinals fighting it out for that spot. They are 9 games out of the Wild Card with 5 teams ahead of them. Hopefully, they can find a way to .500 but probably not.

Next Season: There are a ton of free agents from this year's team. Most importantly, they have to deal with Dunn who'll demand $15 million/year type money. I think the most important free agent they have to deal with is Jerry Hairston Jr. They are way over .500 with him in the lineup this season. Hopefully Freel can recover from his surgery and be the bench player they so desperately need. They have a solid bullpen. They really need to resign Lincoln. He's been solid. David Weather's...........not so much. The rotation is solid. Harang will hopefully return to form after battling injuries all of this season. Arroyo has to get off to a better start. Homer Bailey has to learn how to use that cannon he owns. Somebody find him a putaway pitch. Cueto and Volquez should be solid again. Hopefully, Daryl Thompson can find his way into the rotation if Homer can't live up to the hype. Here's what I'd like to see:

Starters: Harang, Arroyo, Volquez, Cueto, Thompson/Bailey

Hairston Jr. LF/CF
Keppinger SS
Bruce CF/RF
Phillips 2B
Votto 1B
Dunn or LF/CF/RF big right handed batting free agent that can play D in the outfield
Edwin Encarnarcion 3B-Not making errors.
Catcher's spot (WHO KNOWS)

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Griff to the White Sox

Pending his approval, it looks like Griffey will say good bye to his hometown Reds today heading up the Chicago and to first place. It's kind of sad to see Griffey go but it's time for the Reds to move on. No reports of who the Reds are getting but I'd say it's not much.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Free gas Card Give Away

Your right this has nothing to do with fantasy baseball but hey gas is killing me more than my pitching is so I just couldn't pass without telling you guys about this give away. All you have to do is click the link, it's takes less than a minute to sign up for these $50 gas cards.

I actually read this everyday and remember fantasy is just that fantasy.....and fantasy baseball rocks.....but so does saving money, so check it out!!!!!

On August 18, three winners will be announced at MoneyNing and each winner will receive a $50 gas gift card to help them fill up their tanks!
Click here to check it out!!

Jr. breathing Down Sammy's Neck

Ken Griffey Jr. just slammed his 608th career home run at Minute Maid park in Houston to give the Reds some much needed breathing room tonight. Look out Sammy Sosa because Jr. is about to push you down one notch on the all time home run list.

The Reds are actually wining a game tonight and the pitching is holding together pretty good so far as Edinson Volquez has a shutout going into the fifth inning.

In other news the Reds true lead off hitter Jerry Hairston is in Louisville to begin a short rehab stint to get ready to kick start this team back into some respectable baseball playing.

Adam Dunn just hit his second home run of the game and his major league leading 32th of the season. Is anyone having a better July than Dunn!!!! I think we might be working on ending this five game skid.......

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Yet Another Loss

Looks like the Reds have packed it in for 2008 as they guaranteed themselves a series loss and now are looking up at the Astros. Brian Freakin Moehler nearly pitched a complete game on them today. Arroyo continued the trend of atroucious starting pitching and Majewski continuted the bull pen dominance.

This season officially ends tomorrow with a second straight series sweep.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Dunn's Slam Not Enough

When does the bleeding stop. After a very dismal 4-6 home stand in which the way the Reds played was sharply criticized over the air waves, they were ready to get out of town and just try to put the home stand behind them. Well it don't matter where you play when you are in the kind of rut the Reds are in. The season is looking more and more like it's over and time to start looking at 2009.

Tonight the Reds had to face Roy Oswalt and we all know what he does to the Reds. Oswalt wasn't really at his best but the way the Reds are playing it didn't matter. Coming into tonight's game Oswalt was 19-1 against the Reds.....make that now is that possible. I am listening to "baseball Tonight" as I write this and the Reds low lites just came on and they are saying Oswalt owns the best winning percentage of anyone against any other team in MLB.

Down in the Lone Star State the lone bright spot for the Reds was Adam Dunn's 30th home run, a grand slam no less to give him 72 RBI's on the season. This is Dunn's walk year and I think he will set career highs for HR's and RBI's.

Hopefully tomorrow the Reds hottest pitcher right now Bronson Arroyo will be the one to stop the bleeding.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Let's run through some stats from the Rockies series.......

Wins 0........Losses 3 Remember this is in Great American to a sub .500 team in the "Everybody Sub .500 NL West".

Earned Runs: 22

Reds Runs: 3

Hits Given up: 34

Hits by the Reds: 18

Reds Errors: 4

That's the opposite of impressive. If the Bucs wouldn't have traded away their team to the Yanks, the Reds would probably be heading towards last place.

Another Gem by Reds Pitching Today

The Reds pitchers are turning in another masterful performance today. Josh Fogg gave up 7 earned over 3 2/3 to raise is ERA to a fanastic 7.84. Great job Josh, waivers are in order and Mr. Thompson should be up soon. Swept away by the Rockies. Go ahead and put this season to bed and be sellers in the trade market. You've only been sellers the past 18 seasons.

Sickened Reds Fan.

Maybe The Low Point Of The Season

I wouldn't call what we saw this weekend, at home no less, major league baseball as far as the effort the Reds put forth. It's almost not worth watching and yes I did see people leaving the game after the third inning this afternoon. The starting pitching this series was as bad as it gets....The ERA for the three starters this series was over 11.00, how sad is that. I have seen more routine plays being botched and enough dropped balls, wild pitches, past balls, errors, you name it, to last a full season. I see guys walking around with their heads down, they are just not hustling at all. Where is the professional pride these guys are suppose to have, they are making way too much money to put forth the effort they displayed this weekend. For some reason I kinda feel for Dusty Baker, he has his work cut out for him for sure.

Things have gotta get better as I do believe this team has hit it's low point of the season.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Notes From the Rain Delay

First I want to say why isn't there a descent radio station in the Louisville market carrying the Reds these days. It's a damn shame when right here in the heart of Reds country you can't catch the game on the radio if you are five miles outside of Louisville.

During the rain delay to start the game tonight I turned on the radio to "TRY" to hear what Jeff "The Cowboy" Brantley and Marty "Hall of Fame" Brennaman had to say. They were taking phone calls on the air during the rain delay, I got thru but was still on hold as the game was starting so I didn't get a chance to ask this question. Who is the odd man out when Aaron Harang comes off the DL. Homer Bailey and Josh Fogg both have had a few bright spots the past couple of weeks. Well tonight's game made have made Walt Jockety's job a little easier. There is no dought Homer Bailey has issues and still hasn't got his act together. In his defense he did battle out of a few jams tonight, but six straight hits might have gotten him a ticket back to Louisville until the roster expands to forty.

Some of the calls were real good ones as Brantley flat out laid it on the line by saying there is "no way Griffey is back next year." Marty told a caller that Adam Dunn just doesn't drive in enough runs to warrant the reds to pick up his option next year. All in all though the fans that did get through where pretty up beat about this team. I AM NOT THOUGH.......PROVE ME WRONG REDS, PLEASE PROVE ME WRONG!!!!!!!!

Griffey Blast # 607

Ken Griffey Jr. was the lone bright spot for the Cincinnati Reds tonight. Griff hit #607 to the opposite field no less. I guess he still has a little power left. Three more home runs and this future Hall of Famer will be in sole possession of fifth place all time in the home run department.

This gonna be short as I cannot stand to watch what I have been seeing the last two games. Not to take anything away from the the Rockies, but damn you can't let a team do this to you at home. Every time I think they are ready to roll the train gets derailed. I won't say stick a fork in them yet, but it's getting closer everyday. You have to win at home and split on the road to even think there is a chance at contending and these guys just aren't quite there. There is a great nucleus to a pretty good team somewhere down the road, but these guys are just still having growing pains.

I thought Homer Bailey was getting better and he was until tonight were he just plain sucked. I believe he gave up fifteen hits in less than five innings. He did battle out of a few jams but you could tell it was only a matter of time until he would self destruct. Dusty Baker let him give up six straight hits in the fifth before coming to get him. Tell me what good that did besides break Homer down a little more and pump up some Rockie batting averages.

Homer got hit hard tonight.......and the hitting was brutal

Homer Bailey gave up 15 hits tonight. Of those 15 hits, only 1 was an extra base hit as Adkins hit a double. Somehow, he only gave up 5 runs (4 earned). Not good. Homer's ERA is looking real bad at just under 7. He just doesn't have a put away pitch. I wish it would happen for the guy. He's got a great arm but still hasn't learned to pitch to big league batters. The Reds are yet again on the high road to no where.

The Reds hitters however, managed a big two hits one of the being 606 by Griff. Two freakin hits to De La Rosa who had an ERA well over 6 and a half. Nice job guys, you're all tearing the cover off the ball!

Has Edinson Volquez Hit the Wall

Edinson is still a young man at 25 years of age. Is he over worked at this point of his career, his first full season in the majors? After his poor outing last night one might think that. I myself don't buy into that theory. I can still remember when pitching staffs consisted of only four starters and those starters usually went a lot later into games than today's pitchers. Hell you have at least four days off now between starts and it's rare when a starter pitches into the eighth inning, much less take a save away from a closer by finishing the game.

Volquez has pitched l26 innings so far this season. I would say that's on track for close to 200 innings. Is that too many for a young pitcher.......I heard Dusty say he wasn't concerned about him being over worked, did he say that about Kerry Wood, just thinking out loud. If he had shut out the Rockies last night there wouldn't even be a discussion here. So what is the problem, is there a problem. I think the problem is that Edinson started the season so good that any little hiccup will be over analyzed. Let's sit back and wish the rest of the Reds staff could be having the same problem Volquez is having......I would take a 12-4 record and an ERA of 2.77 from every starter. Instead of bitching about over working Volquez we would all be bitching because we couldn't get playoff tickets.

For some reason reason the Reds have a real bad record in the first game of series and they have winning records in the second and third game of out Rockies, game two tonight and Homer Bailey is starting to get a little better each outing.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Arroyo to the Rockies?

From my reading today, Arroyo obviously doesn't want to get traded but I wouldn't be surprised if it happened this weekend to the Rockies while they're in town. Let's see if I'm right. Mr. Thompson is sitting down in Louisville at 6-0 with a 1.08 WHIP.

Reds Ticket Deals

The Reds have some great family deals on tickets right now as they try to get back to .500. Cut and paste to get all the deals. My family and I got the $15 ticket and got $10 food vouchers for each. My kids got kids meals for 4.25 each and we ate well for and still got ice creams at the end of the game for the $40 in vouchers. Go see the Reds. They're trying to make it more affordable for families. trade talk

Just cut and paste.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Cordero-40 million in blown saves!

Mr. 40 Million dollar man..........Reds closer Francisco Cordero is the opposite of on fire blowing his 2nd save in recent days and getting a loss for the Reds. The starting pitching is getting it done but the Reds seem to only be scoring in 1 big inning and being done. Putting it simply, they continue to sicken me. Tonight, they blow it to one of the worst teams in the National League. Tomorrow, they get to face one of the best pitchers in the league. It's already looking like a dim series. Mr. GM, it's about time to make some moves b/c this team continues to not get it done. Too much talent to be 4 games under .500 Mr. Dusty Baker!!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

What not to take to the ballpark!!!!!!!!!!!!

On Thursday night as me and a couple of my friends were heading into Great American Ballpark to see the Reds/Mets game one of the security guys at the ballpark "really went above and beyond the call of duty to insure our safety at the game." One of my friends, whose name shall remain anonymous, decided to "help" provide our protection that night. As we entered the park the "wand guy" picked our friend out of the crowd to do a strip search, uh I mean a wand search. I really think by the way he was looking at Dean, oops I said I wasn't going to say his name, that he really wanted to do a strip search though. Dean, oops there I go again, decides to carry in his own protection. No it wasn't that type of protection so get your mind out of the gutters. He did something I would recommend no one do and that was bring his pocket size AK-47 into the park......BAD IDEAL......
For some strange reason Cincinnati's finest frowned on this move. After loaning him a nice tight pair of shinning bracelets to wear on his wrists they hauled him off down the tunnel, no this was not to see the dugouts up close either. Me and my other friend did all we could to try to keep this off U-Tube, the crowd was just to large and rowdy to stop all of them though. Seems like everyone carries a video camera these days. This story is still breaking news, but the last time I checked there was only fifty three copies out there, so not too bad at this point.

We took this photo in case anyone sees our friend walking around the streets of Cincinnati looking for his truck. If you come across anyone answering to the name of Dean, I had to use his name this time......please call 555 REDS and we will be right there to get the way his wife said to make sure it's clear that there is no reward offered for his safe return.....just do the right thing!!!!!!!!!!

Reds/Mets Series

After the All-Star break the Reds opened a four game series at home against the hottest team in the majors heading into the break. Riding a nine game winning streak and their ace Santana on the mound for game one looked like they might stay hot. The Reds did a pretty good job on Santana running him after four innings. I was taking in a couple of these games and I felt real good heading into the night with a two run lead and Cordero jogging in from the bull pen to close the door. That good feeling was short lived as Cordreo served up a home run ball to David Wright with one on to tie the game. This just wasn't his night as he blew his fifth save of the year and took the loss after giving up four runs in the top of the ninth.

The Reds came back to win the next two games of this series and hope to win three of four this afternoon. Bronson Arroyo went eight strong on Friday night to get the Reds back on track and snap the Mets ten game winning streak and improve his record to 8-7. Arroyo has now won four straight games and is throwing better than at any time this season and that speaks very well for the second half of the season for the Reds.

On Saturday night Josh Fogg got the start and threw his third straight good game sense coming off the Dl. This was a pitcher's battle until the Reds erupted for four runs in the seventh to seal the win in front of a sell out crowd at Great American Ballpark.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

2008 All Star Game-My Take

I really enjoyed the All Star game tonight for the first time since I can remember. I have enjoyed moments like Teddy Ballgame coming out with Ripken and Gwynn in Boston and Bo Jackson and Wade Boggs going back-to-back in KC, but I think tonight was the first time I've watched the entire game in years. I think it was because my son was so fired up about it before the game started. We walked in the door from his all star practice as the players stepped on the field. He was amazed to see all the Hall of Famers on the field and everything going on in Yankee Stadium. He yelled to his mom every time they announced another old player. Tonight was great.

Right now, it's 3-3 Top 9 and as much as I'd like to see the National League win one, I'd also love to see Rivera get this save in Yankee Stadium tonight. As Rivera runs in to the mound with 1 out in the 9th, it's hard not to get cold chills. My son dozed off on the couch right before Volquez gave up the homer. Thank goodness, b/c it would have ruined it for him.

Volquez's All Star Appearance

The Lone Red Edison Volquez made his 1st All Star Appearance tonight and gave up a two run dinger to JD Drew on a god awful pitch call by Russell Martin. On a 2-1 count, Martin called a knee high inside fastball and Volquz delivered. I knew it was gone when Martin set up there. Volquez came back to blow away Michael Young to end his 1 inning of work. Nice call Russell Martin. It should've been an outside knee high fastball.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Home Run Derby

Well the Home Run Derby was flat out awesome tonight. Ex-Red Josh Hamilton put on a show that won't soon be repeated. I see no reason why all the home runs can't count in a competition like this, but the powers that be just don't see it that way. With the 28 first round shots, and I mean shots, Josh probably hurt himself by hitting "too" many. The 28 was a new first round record, beating out the 24 that Bobby Abreu hit in 2005. I think he not only wore out his 71 year old pitching coach but he also wore down himself. This years results might help to make a rule change in the future, as it should. I think they just have to keep the end result in question, as this does keep more fans at home watching. And the more watching the more ad revenue....the more people that has their sets tuned in the more the ads cost, never forget it's always all about the money!!!!!!!!

I will say this Justin Morneau was a very graceful winner, as he did everything but apologize as he knew the night belonged to Josh. This story just keeps getting better and better for Hamilton, how can you not cheer for his success. He has a great story for the young people of this country that has demons they need to shake. I see another baseball movie in the works as well. You can say what you want about the NBA slam Dunk contest, The Pro Bowl game whatever else is out there, but nothing compares to the three day break for the Major League All-Star Game and Home Run Derby and all the fan fest activities they have. Show me a sport that has over 53,000 people show to just cheer for something of this nature. I have been lucky enough to go see a couple of these in person and they do rock.

Next up the game itself Tuesday night from New York City and Yankee Stadium, the greatest sports venue in the world, bar none....Enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Bailey Good, Sabathia Better

Homer Bailey pitched a good game today....5 2/3 innings of five hit, two run ball and racked up four K's and more important no walks today. But....CC Sabathia was better throwing a two run,complete game against the Reds. CC fanned nine to even his record at 8-8. The road trip ends with a 3-3 record and I still say it has to be considered a pretty good six games against two very good teams.

The loss was a costly one for the Reds in more ways than the won/loss record. Jerry Hairston pulls a hamstring and will be given an MRI in Cincinnati tomorrow to find the extend of this injury.

The Reds go into the All-Star break with a 46-50 record and playing pretty fair ball. If you would have told me Aaron Harang would only have three wins at the All-Star break and the Reds would only be four games under .500......Well you just have to believe that Harang will win more than three games after the break.

It's been plenty of good and plenty of bad baseball in the first half....Hope to be writing about more good the second half.....It will be interesting....Enjoy the All-Star game at Yankee Stadium, and get ready for the 4 games series against the Mets at Great American Ballpark starting on Thursday night. I plan to take in the first two games of this series so come on Reds!!!!!!!!!

Jerry Hairston

Jerry Hairston starts the game this afternoon by getting plunked by hard tight fast ball from CC Sabathia while trying to bunt, he rubs it off and stays in. Adam Dunn gets
hit on the first pitch he sees from Sabathia and gave CC a little stare down on his way to first. Between the Prince on first and CC on the mound, that's a lot of beef looking at you, so Dunn takes his base without incident.

In the bottom of the first Hairston playing Jr's spot in right today, makes a play that as good as Griffey is he would have had no chance to make. I just love the way this guy plays this game. Again show me a better lead off hitter in the game at this moment.

OK, top of second and the Reds have the bases juiced with Corey Patterson at the plate, oh no did I say Patterson......He does get the first run of the game in with a sacrifice fly. 1-0 Reds....Back to the game......