Saturday, January 10, 2009

Bobby Abreu

MLB rumors have the Reds interested in free agent Bobby Abreu. I myself don't see the Reds needing another left handed bat and this might keep them from offering Abreu as much as it might take to get him.....if he has other suitors looking at him, if he doesn't have much interest who knows. The Reds really could still use some power from the right side but as always don't seem to want to spend what the going rates are today for top of the line talent with power. It's also been reported the Reds showed mild interest in Pat Burrell but let him slip away to the Rays for the aforementioned reason. So stay tuned and see if the Reds actually spend some of the money they are saving by not having Jr. and Dunn on their rosters in 2009.

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GMo said...

I don't know if they need another lefty, but I'd sure take him. I'd rather see them give Dickerson a shot and spend the $ on still more pitching.