Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Micah Owings First Reds Start

Micah Owings took the hill tonight in his first start as a Cincinnati Red. Although he didn't pitch a bad game he wasn't good enough tonight to help the Reds sweep the Brewers. It had been 10 days sense Owings had pitched and maybe he was a little rusty. Micah went five innings and gave up four runs on five hits to take the loss. Again after a very sharp spring Owings just needs some work. He had a 1.52 ERA this spring so we know the guy can pitch. Does anyone else wonder if Dusty should have hit Owings in the eight hole instead of the typical ninth pitching slot, he has been one of the best pitch hitters the Reds have had in his short time here.

As far as hitting goes, the Reds managed only seven hits off four different Brewer pitchers. Chris Dickerson got the big hit of the game for Cincinnati, his first home run of the season. The offense is really starting to worry me as the Reds are yet to have a ten hit game. I know it's early and typical springs belongs to the pitcher and summer the hitters, but this team needs to show a little more punch at the plate. Joey Votto is still at .387 and playing large, but he can't carry this load by himself.

After a day off tomorrow the Reds will face Reds killer Roy Oswalt in Houston on Friday night. Odds are in their favor to beat this guy.

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