Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Dye to the Reds?????

The big news for me today out of the winter meetings in Vegas is a possible Dye for Homer Bailey trade. Dye would be traded for Homer and another prospect. The Sox would also pay a portion of Dye's 2009 11.5 million dollar salary. Reports say the Reds are also looking at Bobby Abreu and Pat Burrell as possibilites. My thought is that Burrell would add yet another strikeout victim to a Reds team already full of them. I like Dye in that he is a much needed righty bat. I would love to see Abreu as a Red.

Dye batted .292 in 08 with 34 homers and 96 RBI.
Abreu batted .296 with 20 homers 100 RBI and 22 steals.

We need either one of those guys in the middle of the order.

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