Saturday, December 13, 2008

Reds Christmas Wish List.......Listen Santa

It's called the hot stove league but I still feel like I am standing outside in the cold. Santa is always good to the Evil Empire and treats us small guys like all we deserve is coal in our stockings. 'Please Santa' bring my Reds a right handed power hitter before I close my eyes on Christmas Eve.

I think my Reds are getting closer and closer to bringing their fans a contending team. I know I am bias but I have to think our young guys stack up as good as any in baseball right now. Heck the bad elf stole the Rookie of the Year Award from Joey Votto and wasted it on a team that is over 100 years in waiting for their next World Series Crown. Plug Joey in for some very solid numbers for the next 12 years and Walt make sure they are all spent in a Reds uniform. How about that guy in right field that is going to smash 33 HR's in 2009 and make his mark as the next in a long line of Red Superstars. Again Walt, ditto for Mr. Jay Bruce. Does anyone else remember the love fest the fans had for a late call up from my Louisville Bats, Chris Dickerson. Chris arrived with a bat so hot everyone wondered who is this guy and where in the name of Pete Rose had he been all season. I do understand the sample size was small for Chris but I am crazy enough to believe.......remember this kids don't smash extra base hits the way he did without talent. I see a little battle brewing for the starting SS job come spring training and that's what makes players better. Hint Hint Keppinger and Gonzalez, make it tough on Dusty. At the hot corner, Santa bring Edwin a smile and the fulfillment of his potential......we all know it's there. Brandon use the same brand of glove oil and mix in a few more extra base hits and you just might have something in common with Little Joe Morgan.

Let's not forget about our young guns on the mound as they have the makings of a very nice staff. Edinson Volquez prove those numbers you put up this season are for real, not a small task but yes once again I believe. Johnny Cueto throws hard and only needs Santa to bring him some much needed control. And while I have Santa's ear again, PLEASE put some runs in Aaron's stocking this year, he deserves more support. Guitar Man you just need to rock n roll the whole season like you did after the break. Not sure Mr. Homer Bailey will still be in a Reds uniform this spring but if he is, well Santa how about a new first name for the flame thrower.

I hope I haven't asked for too much as I think the last thing I want is a new box of dull ended tooth picks for Dusty. Sometime I think he is going to drive one clear thur his upper lip when he watches another ball roll thru someones legs or a fly ball turn into another GABP home run for the bad guys. Please Santa make a stop in Cincy.......GO REDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Santa needs money just like everyone else does.

RoseFan said...

With Jr. and Dunn gone there should be money