Friday, March 6, 2009

Francisco Cordero

The Reds have had plenty of trying times in their bullpen over the past few years, before they went out and spent more money than usual, for this ranchise, and signed Franciso Cordero. I realize it's very early in the Spring but signs are not encouraging right now. Cordero has an ERA over 20 right now. He has been roughed up all three times out so far. Dusty says it's way too early to worry, but if this continues he will worry big time. How many times have the Reds lost games in the 8th or 9th inning the past few years. Last year that wasn't near as big of a problem with Cordero doing a pretty good job most of the time. Everyone knows what our second option is and to but it bluntly that's not a pretty option. Let's get it together Cordero....these young guys are counting on you BIG TIME.

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