Tuesday, March 24, 2009

World Baseball Classic

Well Japan did it again. They beat the Korean team 5-3 night in ten innings to take the second World Baseball Classic. I think I took the Japanese team from the start but hoped the USA could pull the mild upset this time around. So after two of these WORLD events the Japan team is two for two. Not good if you are an American baseball lover like the writers of this site are. I have to say congrats to the way this team played and to the way Japan takes their baseball. I would say this country is as serious about baseball as any country in the world, the US included. Can you say NFL, it makes me sick to see MLB take a back seat to the NFL. Well in my eyes it doesn't, but I do have BIG RED MACHINE blinders on at times.

The title was won on American soil, Dodger Stadium no less and there were plenty of Japanese people there rooting their team to victory. Hell the Empire State Building is going to light their world famous tower in honor of Japan winning this classic. The Crown of the building will be lit in red and white to honor the Japanese flag. Would the Babe drink to this....I think not.

My question to you as American Baseball fans is do we still have the right to call the World Series the World Series. Wasn't this the real World Series. Try telling that to the boys of Summer. Well to answer the question about what we should call 'our' World Series, is yes it should still be called the World Series as this is still the place where the best players in the world play the game. They don't have on a Japanese uniform or a Cuban uniform they have a Major League Baseball uniform on and they play for the Major Leagues and this is really where the best baseball is still played. You might divide the MLB players up for a world tournament but when all is said and done the real World Series is settled in the USA.

Did you pay much attention to the World Baseball Classic. How does it mix in with MLB in the future. Is it here to stay. Will it continue to grow.

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