Monday, March 9, 2009

Johnny Gomes

After a very poor 2008 and no job for 2009 Johnny Gomes is trying to make Dusty Baker not have an easy decision as to who to not bring north with the team. Johnny Gomes has been smokin the ball so far this Spring. Gomes is hitting over .400 and has smashed two home runs and added nine RBI's. There is no way he keeps this up, but looking back at his 'good' years in the Majors and you realize he did have some pop in his bat, hitting over twenty HR's in 05 and 06. If he makes the team and that's still to be determined, Great American Ballpark just might be the place to wake that bat back up. Good Luck Johnny and keep smashing the ball. With Jr. and Dunn gone we still have a few dingers to be made up somewhere.

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