Monday, September 15, 2008

First Ned - - - Next Dusty - - - Dream On

If Ned Yost can be fired while leading the wildcard race with twelve games remianing in the season is Dusty feeling any heat. Dusty is thirteen games under .500 and Ned Yost has the Brewers in a virtual tie with the Phillies for the NL wild card. If the Reds were still fighting for a post season birth with thirteen games left to play we would have already engraved Dusty Bakers name on the National League Manager of the year award. Don't get me wrong I understand probably more was expected of the Brewers than was expected of the Reds, at least in terms of managements standpoint.
I now offer up a few questions.

1. What did the Reds management expect of Dusty this year?
2. Is Dusty's honeymoon over, when will he be held accountable?
3. How many times will Reds fans have to hear "we are in a rebuilding mode"
4. Are the Reds the team that becomes the 'new Cubs' in a few more years of losing?
5. And most important, as a fan what were your expectations of the 2008 Reds?

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Anonymous said...

I expected plenty more than was shown by this team. Really thoughtwe had a shot at post season.