Thursday, September 18, 2008

Volquez....Reds Lose A Close One

Edinson Volquez again fails to win number 17 tonight as the St. Louis Cardinals take the final game of this three game series by a 5-4 count to avoid the Reds sweep. Volquez is just not pitching as good as he did early this season. He is walking way too many batters and you can see the frustration in his eyes as he doesn't get the close calls from the umpires. He walked six in seven innings tonight and that is becoming more the norm for him lately. He just might be wearing down right along with this season. I do hope he finishes on a high note before the year is over.

Another player that needs to finish on a high note is Jay Bruce. He might have had the worse at bats tonight as I have seen this season by him. The Cardinals pitched him inside all night and all he could do is pop up or strike out and yes he was ugly doing it.

But on a positive note the Reds are still winning at a better clip than at any time this season and as FSN noted tonight, the Reds rookies lead all other teams rookies in home runs hit this season. Jay Bruce and Joey Votto are both sitting on nineteen home runs as of tonight and one would think this pair of rookies will both finish with at least twenty each.

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