Sunday, September 28, 2008

Pettyjohn to start for the Reds today

Lefty Adam Pettyjohn will make first major league start today since 2001 with the Tigers. This guy doesn't throw hard and I mean that. I've seen him in Louisville several times this season and he brings it in the low 80s. Dusty Baker doesn't seem to mind it though because he's a proven winner. He won 15 games for the Bats this season. Maybe he can make a very Jamey Moyer like start today and fight for a spot next season. He could be a nice change of pace from Harang, Volquez, and Cueto all of which are hard throwing righties. Then you throw in wierd throwing Arroyo and then the slow left Pettyjohn who wears out the breaking balls. Next spring will be very interesting for the Reds rotation.


GMo said...

didn't go so well for him.

Anonymous said...

He's still a gamer and understands life is bigger than baseball

RoseFan said...

Let's see how things go in the Spring. Cross your finger as this is again a very emotional story line for our Reds.