Friday, September 26, 2008

Roy Oswalt Snaps Reds Streak

Roy Oswalt, dammed this guy. I guess you have to tip your Cincinnati Reds baseball cap to him as he again beat the Reds last night to improve to 23-1 lifetime against Cincinnati. I have to think at this point when he is on the mound it messes with the Reds head, no pun intended. Oswalt is 17-10 after last night which is a good season for anyone, but this does show he can be beat. That is by everyone but Cincinnati..... 23-1 come on. At least after Oswalt hit the showers the Reds did mount somewhat of a come back, before falling short 8-6. The Reds sent nine batters to the plate in the ninth inning scoring five times. Oswalt, himself went six innings and allowed only one run to the Reds, do we see a trend or pattern here.

Johnny Cueto finished the season with 9 wins and 14 losses. This was a year that Cueto will look back on and say he probably learned more than at any other time in his career. He had growing pains but he did grow. After recording 158 strikeouts this year, one has to believe he is going to be a 200 strikeout pitcher for many years to come. Johnny is and will be a piece of the puzzle next season for the Reds Central Division title hopes.

This Houston series ends a five series winning streak, six if you count the one game series against Florida, that had the Reds rolling into the off season on a high note. Screw you Oswalt, go to the American League, just kidding again. I think Roy Oswalt is one hell of a pitcher and I'm guessing the Reds would agree!!!!! The Reds open the final series of the season tonight as Bronson Arroyo goes for win number 16 tonight against the St.Louis Cardinals.

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He isn't that good against the Pirates