Thursday, June 19, 2008

Jay Bruce

Well the one thing we know for sure about Jay Bruce is that yes he is human. Some, including myself, might have mistaken him for superman right after he was called up from AAA Louisville. Bruce was so on fire that anyone would expect him to come back to earth soon, don't even try to tell me it didn't last longer than you thought it would.

After his hot start Bruce has went 5 for 34 for a more Corey Patterson like .147 average in his past nine games. Is Jay Bruce a superstar, that remians to be seen at the big league level, but my money says yes he is. He will have the usual rookie up and downs but he is a Major League baseball Player that will partol the Cincinnati Reds outfield for quite a few years.

Now if we could only get the pitching and hitting to be good at the same time we might win a few games!!!!!!!!!!!!

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