Thursday, June 19, 2008

So much for this week!

Well, this week has started pretty horribly with a sweep at the hands of the similar record owning Dodgers. Again, I say re-freakin-diculous. This Reds team is way underperforming and if Randolf can go, so can Dusty Baker. I believed it was a poor hire at first and I believe it even more now. I am sickened by the talent to wins ratio that this team has put up. I love Dunn and Griff but it's time to move on. The Reds are sitting 12.5 out in the Central. The Blue Jays GM just said today that Dunn has no heart and doesn't even enjoy baseball. That says it all to me. That info has to be coming from somewhere. Griff doesn't hustle at all. The 3-0 pitch last weekend did me in with him. I'm sure after he swung at the 3-0 pitch that he jogged down to first so not to injure himself and that .244 average and .391 slugging percentage. Dunn is sitting at a cool .227 and zero defense. Big Adam simply cannot play the outfield. He's a first baseman/DH on an American league team.........bottom line. I love Griff and Dunn but it's time to start over with young, athletic, hustling players who want to win in Cincy. The pitching staff is lining up, it's time to move Votto to the 3 hole and get the future on the road.

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RoseFan said...

100% agreement on everything you wrote. I only add one thing: when Dusty goes take Patterson with him.