Thursday, June 26, 2008

The Road Wowes Continue

Well we do know that Edinson Volquez is better than he showed tonight, but the question is this; Is Jessie Litsch as good as he pitched tonight. Litsch held the Reds to just three hits in his eight innings of work. He pitched as good a game against the Reds as I have watched this season. Retiring 17 of the first 18 batters, Litsch made sure this game was over early. Volquez is still the best pitcher in the NL this season and should start the All-Star game at Yankee Stadium.

I was again hoping for two out of three in Toronto as we did in New York but it wasn't to be. There's a baseball saying that goes like this; if you split on the road and win at home everything else will take care of itself. Well this road trip is standing at a split 3-3 heading to Cleveland.

Every time this season when it seems like the Reds are about to get on a roll, (Yankee's series), they all have a couple of bad games and things just snowball from there. I am not sure what Dusty is thinking with his lineup card at times, but if Corey Patterson is in the lineup after inter league play ends I think: well maybe I better not say anymore about that kids might read this.

On a positive note Griffey did get number 602 in Toronto and is inching closer to Slamin Sammy.....Everyone keep voting Jr. for the next few days, it might be his last chance to start or appear in the All-Star Game

All right Reds we want two out of three at Jacobs Field this weekend!!!!!

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