Saturday, June 14, 2008

Remembering 1975

AH, has it really been 33 years sense my main man Pete Rose, aka... "The Hit King", led the Cincinnati Reds past the Boston Red Sox in what many baseball fans and media members alike consider the greatest world series ever.

I might be telling my age but I remember it like it was yesterday. Who could forget Carlton Fisk waving his home run fair. You can bet your ass the Sox fans havn't. Many Red Sox fans memory fades after game six as the Reds came back and won the World Championship in game seven. I do also believe that this is the only time there was four days off between game five and six. After a day for travel between game five and six the skies opened in Boston and rain held up the series for another three days.

Pete Rose was actually the MVP of the 75 series, that is if you don't count the curse of the Babe!

Well finally the Reds and Red Sox play again at The Great American ballpark in Cincinnati this weekend. Aaron Harang might have pitched his best game of the season last night and the Reds bullpen was just as stellar as the Reds took the opening game by a score of 3-1. And what about this guy Jay Bruce, more on him in another post later. Bruce and Dunn both went yard last night to secure this win for the Reds.

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