Friday, February 20, 2009

Griffey Signing a Scam

Let me start this off by saying that this isn't sour grapes because my Cincinnati Reds didn't think it was in their best interest to resign Griffey. Make no mistake I am a homer and I am proud of it. In a perfect world the Reds would have drafted him and he would have spent his whole career in a Reds uniform. Who ever said baseball was perfect....well to me the game itself is still perfect and always will be, at least in my eyes it will be. The things that go with game leave a little to be desired for sure. I am not going into the steroids here and yes deep down in my heart Ken Griffey Jr. did it the right way and was a clean player.

Today I want to look at the reason he went back to Seattle. We can all say yeah Jr proved you can go back home...that's so much BS. Griffey will not be in Seattle to lead this team to the playoffs in 2009. As much as I love this future Hall of Famer his production has fallen off way too much for that to happen. And let's face reality here, when you get past the age of 37, 38 or 39 your production IS suppose to decline. All steroids users please take note of this fact. The simple truth of the matter is that the Seattle Mariners signed Griffey because they are too cheap to go out and sign some good free agents to try to get back to the post season. Seattle's signing of Griffey was no more than a scam to sell tickets. Yeah it's a feel good story as well, but this team will make millions from this signing and still be on the outside looking in come October. If Seattle fans just want to feel good they get their wish with this signing. If they are hungry to get back to the playoffs they should feel insulted and used by the management of the Mariners. This is probably a one year deal here and maybe next off season they sign someone that can actually help their ball club and not their bottom line. Yes, it's ALWAYS about the money and once again this signing proves that.

With all this said I still wish Griffey all the luck in the world. Sometimes scams can turn into feel good stories!!!!!

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Anonymous said...

One thing to remember is that Griffey signed with the Mariners, not the other way around. He was inches away from choosing the Braves but he choose Seattle, so don't blame the team 100% on that "ticket sales" opinion. He chose to go back.