Sunday, February 15, 2009

Pete Rose's Take on A-Rod

The Hit King has finally come out with his take on the A-Rod mess. First he said he really thought A-Rod was one of the clean players. Myself I agreed, as did most other baseball fans who were disappointed when they heard this sad news. Pete also said, in typical Pete Rose fashion, that if he had taken steroids he would have had at least 5,000 hits. Like he always said, if you can back it up it isn't bragging. Is it bragging if you need steroids to get there. A-Rod spoke of the pressure he was under after signing the biggest contract in baseball history. How does signing a 250 million dollar contract relate to pressure. I think the folks losing their jobs and worrying about feeding their kids and paying the mortgage are facing more pressure than A-Rod.

Does the fact that Ken Griffey Jr. lost so much time to the injury bug show more that he did it the right way. How many players said they took the roids to come back from injuries quicker. I have to believe Jr. is clean.

A-Rod still has nine years left on his current contract. If he plays it out and then waits another five years before he is eligible to be put on the Hall of Fame ballot, well that's fourteen years from now. Fourteen years from now how many writers from today will still be writing, very few most likely. So I still think Cooperstown is where A-Rod is still going to end up. And like they say time heals all......unless your name is Pete Rose that is.

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