Sunday, February 15, 2009

Pitchers and Catcher Report

Well this is the day that true baseball fans have been waiting for sense the last out of the World Series. The pitchers and catchers have reported to Sarasota Florida and Manager Dusty Baker said he was well pleased in the attitude of the young pitchers after the first workout was completed. Dusty was also impressed at the condition of his pitchers and catchers and was fired up to get this season started.

As in most sports the only thing constant is change and the Reds are no exception. If you look at the current Reds pitchers who reported you will find only three that were here at the start of Spring Training in 2006. Staff ace Aaron Harang, along with the back end of this years rotation, we hope, Homer Bailey and set up man David Weathers. Bronson Arroyo didn't show up until camp was well under way that spring. Yes the staff has seen plenty of change and I think for the better. I am so looking forward to seeing Harang bounce back from a season that saw him fall on tough times with almost no run support. Bronson had a very nice second half and everyone thinks he is lined up for a full season of great baseball with another 200 plus innings pitched. Edinson Volquez had a great first half last season and had people whispering Cy Young and his name in the same sentence. He can bring it baby. Johnny Cueto had his ups and downs, but with another years experience look for a step forward for this young talent this year. Homer Bailey is still well Homer Bailey. And yes big things are still expected of him. Control was a major problem and again another year should show improvement for this fireballer.

Yes, I am a big time Cincinnati Reds fan and some of this comes from the heart, but this pitching staff could really be something special this year and that is from what these guys have shown in the past and what I really think they will serve up in 2009. PLAY BALL!!!!!!!!!

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