Tuesday, February 10, 2009

JT 'The Brick' on Pete Rose.......A-Rod

I was listening to JT 'The Brick' on my ride home from work tonight and as last night he was still ripping A-Rod, nothing new here. It seems everyone is throwing their jabs at A-Rod the past couple of days and JT is really pouring it on still tonight. He is one of the biggest New York Yankee fans you will ever hear on the air, hell he evens lives in the LA area but is still a Yankee lover. He opened his show last night with maybe the best monologue I have ever heard on sports talk radio. He called A-Rod a cheat a liar and a fraud to mention a few. He says he will never be believed again or will he make the Baseball Hall of Fame.

Tonight he was still ranting and raving over his disappointment in A-Rod. But what caught my attention was his support for Pete Rose. JT thinks what Pete did is nothing compared to what so many of today's players are doing with these performance enhancing drugs. The Brick said it's time for Bud Selig to step down, and I TOTALLY agree here. He says because all this steroid stuff happened on his watch that he needs to step aside and take the baseball union head with him as well. With a totally clean house he thinks Pete Rose might get a fair shake and have the chance to finally get on the Hall of Fame ballot. I hope Selig gets so much pressure he bows out and baseball gets an opened mind commissioner that will take a fresh look at Rose. Pete is no saint for sure, but his hits were legit......something we can't say for many of today's players.

If you are a reader of our blog please leave your opinion here......Has enough time elapsed for Rose to be looked at again. I say Hell Yes.


GMo said...

Time for Pete to get in. Enough is enough.

Anonymous said...

After more than 20 years it's time for sure. Nice blog guys