Tuesday, February 24, 2009

More On Griffey Signing

This is part two of the scam of Seattle signing Ken Griffey Jr. As more information is being released about Griffey's contract we now know that it's truly about him putting asses in the seats. No more no less.

Jr. has a base of two million but if he stays healthy and goes on the six o'clock news and asks fans that have lost their jobs to please come to the ball park, well he stands to gain another three million. Anyone that doesn't think the Mariners are just using his star power as a way to hide the fact they haven't really improved their team has maybe had a little too many Starbucks. Seattle drew their worse home attendance ever in Safeco Field last year. The magic number for Griffey to max out his contract is three million paid and him staying healthy enough to have 500 plate appearances. The Mariners are even thinking that Griffey will actually pay for himself. So when you Seattle fans go up to the ticket window and they ask you for cash, maybe you should ask the clerk, "what happened to Griffey paying for himself."

This isn't the first time that a club has tried to play on the heart strings of it's fan base and it won't be the last. I just hate it when a GM says this is based on baseball reasons. Seattle Gm Jack Zduriencik also stated this is based on him believing Jr is healthy and that Seattle needs a left handed slugger. Does he also believe in time travel......fifteen years ago I might have bought this. Armstrong does know what he is doing though as the fans have bought into seeing their hero come back home. Tickets sales for the first two days after Griffey signed has been ten times what they were averaging before he signed. Looks like asses will be in the seats and Griffey will get paid.

Again I am a big Ken Griffey Jr fan and wish 'The Kid' the best. Oh no, did I say The Kid......Well "Back To The Future" was a favorite movie of mine. I'll get off my soap box now and move foward.....Good Luck Griff

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Anonymous said...

he will sell tickets and he will get paid and if you think he is worried about how the fans feel your crazy