Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Bronson Arroyo Throws Reds First Complete Game This Year

It only took 132 games but now the Reds are in the book as the last team in Major League Baseball to have a pitcher throw a complete game as Bronson Arroyo goes the distance tonight. In a time of closers making as much or more money than some good starters a complete game isn't what it used to be. How many managers will automatically go to their closer 'anytime' a save situation is there. Hey, let me ask you this, did you realize this was the Reds first complete game this year, did you know the Reds were the last team in baseball to throw a complete game. Arroyo pushed his record to 12-10 on the year and a couple months ago I bet no one would think he would get back to .500....Great job Bronson.

Now my question to Dusty Baker......If Francisco Cordero had been available tonight, he was away from the team as his wife was giving birth to their son, would you have given Bronson the chance to finish what he started. Was there a reason you didn't go to David Weathers to close for the save....For my money with only 100 pitches thrown through the first eight innings by Bronson, there was gas left in the tank and he got it done.

On another note, Jay Bruce might be marred in the biggest slump of his career with his average slipping to .252 and yes he has struck out in 7 of his last 9 official AB's.
Maybe he gets it going against the Reds worse nightmare, Roy Oswalt tomorrow night on FSN at 8pm......See you then and GO REDS....let's finish on a high note!!

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