Friday, August 15, 2008

Reds still haven't inked 1st rounder Alonso

#7 overall pick Yonder Alonso from "The U" still hasn't signed with the Reds as of today. He's asking for a $7 million signing bonus and a spot on the 40 man roster. It looks like the Reds are offering 1/2 that and a minor league contract. Looks like a wasted 1st round pick. The Reds will get another draft pick next year (#8 overall) if he doesn't sign but here's a spot where nobody did their homework. Great work by the front office again. If you're not going to sign these guys, trade away the pick at least. You knew what he'd be asking for. I just don't understand. On a positive note, the Reds have signed 31 of their draft picks so far. There's a whole line of pitchers taken behing the 1B Alonso.

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RoseFan said...

Is he that good?
Seven Million....$7,000,000
That's a lot of zero's for someone that hasn't swung a professional bat even once. Let's hope he is and that the Reds spend some of that money they saved on the two big gun they just gave away.