Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Roy Oswalt....enough said

Did anyone really expect anything other than what happened tonight at Minute Maid Park in Houston with Reds killer Roy Oswalt on the mound for the Astro's. NOT ME!
Oswalt went seven to improve to 12-9 with an ERA of 4.11 Now if you look at those numbers you would think this guy could be had every now and then. This guy is now an incredible 22-1 against the Reds, that's way more than crazy it's insane to be this bad against this guy. Actually the Reds had their chances tonight but Oswalt kept shutting them down every time you thought a little rally was going to happen.

Josh Fogg, sporting an ERA of over 9.50 in his last eleven starts to go with an 0-6 record over that same time span, actually threw a pretty good game. Oswalt gave up five hits over seven innings and Fogg gave up six hits over six innings. It was that extra hit Fogg gave up that was the difference though. Hunter Pence took him deep for a two run shot in the fourth inning and that was all Oswalt needed as he held the Reds to only one run. You are not going to win many games scoring one run.

Aaron Harang tries to follow up that great outing he had last week in the rubber game tomorrow afternoon.


Anonymous said...

I saw the gamw. Oswalt looked like he was pitching against a triple A team tonight.

Anonymous said...

Maybe this should be the first guy WalT Jockety looks at in the off season. If you can beat em join em.