Thursday, August 28, 2008

Let's Try Small Ball

I think those of you still interested in what happens to the Cincinnati Reds the rest of the way show more desire than what I am seeing from these players. I am not a Reds basher or I wouldn't spend my time writing this on almost a daily basis. How much more of this can I take and still want to put my thoughts into words....well it's about over for the season.....should I say thank the good Lord......well when it's over I will still be a very loyal Reds fan. I think some of my biggest disappointments are with the people that the front office put on the field to manage and coach this team. Why can't we keep guys from swinging for the fences every AB. Are they trying to make up for the power we lost in Jr. and Dunn, well they gone try to find another way to win guys. This team needs to play small ball if ever a team needed to. We are losing some tight games that if we played for one run here and one run there we would improve plenty. Start taking a pitch instead of swinging at the first pitch and getting in a hole, it's not that complicated. Hit and run, steal a base. Get em on, get over, get em in. This road trip, check the scores, close but no cigars. We lost two of three in all three cities on the trip, that's a .333 winning percentage. I am just not sure Dusty understands that we need to try to win another way or maybe he just doesn't give a shit. What in the name of Sparky Anderson does he do during a game instead of chew on a tooth pick. If fans can see the mistakes and realize we are not "The Big Red Machine" maybe it's time we try small ball!!!!

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