Monday, August 11, 2008

My Take On The Dumping Of Dunn

First I don't think I would even call it a trade. I think it's the Reds admitting they have given up this season and rightfully so I hate to say. But what are they saying about 2009, we are a small market team and we can't afford Adam Dunn, you bet your ass that's what they are saying. I think every team needs at least one lifer for their team. The last player the Reds had as a lifer was Barry Larkin and Larkin was as important as any player sense Pete Rose to play for this team. I am not saying Adam Dunn should have been the next lifer for the Reds. But I am saying after the way they gave away Griffey and Dunn, for no other reason than to save millions of dollars, they need to go out and make a statement and lock up Jay Bruce in a long term contract. Don't even say you can't afford him now. If the fans don't have anyone that they know will be there for the long term then fans will lose interest, believe this Reds. After your team falls out of the pennant race all you have left is hope, hope you get to see some good baseball once in a while and be able to cheer for someone that you 'KNOW' will be there next year and the year after. I think Jay Bruce is that kind of player, you can see his enthusiasm for the game. Now it's time for the Reds to do what's right for the fans. I do understand he can't leave for a couple of years, but did that stop Milwaukee from locking up Ryan Braun already. Let's show him now that he is the next Reds lifer.....Lock him up Reds!!!

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