Sunday, August 3, 2008

How Low Can We Go!!!

Does it get any worse for my Cincinnati Reds. The Reds now find themselves with a record of 51-61 limping back to great American ballpark ten games under .500 and losers of eight of their last ten games.

The Reds headed to our nations capitol on Friday to face a team that was thirty two (32) games under .500 and owners of baseballs worse record. This should have been a great opportunity for the Reds. They leave town licking their wounds after three straight losses to the suddenly mighty Nationals. It is getting worse not better and I do believe you can stick the big fork in them.

Before Sundays game the Reds held a players only meeting to discuss the mess they have played themselves into. That worked about as much as Corey Patterson's bat has been working.......SO MUCH FOR THAT!!!!!!!

I only have one small piece of fantasy advice. Watch for who is on the mounds facing the Reds and get that guy fast as the Reds can make most pitchers look like Cy Young contenders. What is it going to take to turn this around, that's what we want to know this week. Tells us what you think the Reds need to do to right the ship. Leave your comments here, we will be glad to see what your take is on this team.


Anonymous said...

They are trying to be the worst team in baseball.........and they are close.

RoseFan said...

I still love my Reds