Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Reds Shut Out by the Cubbies

The Bats were on fire tonight..................somebody must have set them on fire before the game. The Reds had a big 3 hits and struck out 13 times tonight at Wrigley. Cueto pitched pretty well going 7 striking out 6 and only giving up 1 run. The only run he gave up should have been an out at home if Edwin had any sense on a safety sqeeze. The Cubby was half way down the line when he fielded it and Cueto was screaming at him not to throw to first. This guy is a joke playing third. It wouldn't break my hear to see him go bye bye in a trade in the off season. Maybe somebody needs a guy who can bat .240 and play an awful third base right now. Put him on waivers!!!!Keppinger had 2 of the Reds 3 hits and only 1 of their 13 Ks. Lincoln continues his awful second half giving up 4 runs. Is there any question who is the worst team in baseball after the all star break??????


Anonymous said...

Not the Rays

Anonymous said...

Nope, the Rays might be the best.