Monday, August 11, 2008

Has The Desire To Win Left This Team

All I can say if any team is in need of an off day this Reds team is that team. I REALLY thought this was going to be a real chance for the Reds to reach the post season. I still say the foundation is in place for a pretty good team.

Jay Bruce has had two twelve game hitting streaks this season. I have personally seen him drive the ball the other way numerous times. His swing is natural and with little effort, and yes he could use a little plate discipline, but he is absolutely the real deal. Here's hoping the Reds get this guy under a long term contract very soon.

Joey Votto, Jeff Keppinger, both very good young players. Votto has power and Keppinger plays a great SS and hits for average.....although he has slumped with the team as of late.

Brandon Phillips might be his own biggest enemy. Last years 30-30 season might have made him want to swing for the fences a little too much this season. I think he thinks he can put the team on his back and carry them instead of just playing his game and not trying to do it all. He also makes some dazzling plays at 2B.

Who knows where big Adam Dunn will be next season, I do hope it's in Cincinnati. But is it a coincidence that his lack of HR's and very sorry average this month has come at the same time as the worse span of games the Reds have played. If the Reds and Dunn don't hit home runs they don't usually win. I have heard this statement many times this year and use to just blow it off but it's the truth.

Anyway let's hope they just get away from the game today and not even think about baseball and go out and have some fun, clear their heads and come back tomorrow with a bigger desire to win, because quite frankly I haven't seen that desire lately!!!

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In a word yes, good insight from you as well