Thursday, August 7, 2008

Notes From The Game

Red Killer, Roy Oswalt who owns a 20-1 record against the Reds coming into tonight's game gets help right off the bat, help we can't afford to give the man. Edwin Encarnation in his first AB with the bases loaded and two out in the first, swings and misses on the first pitch, looks at strike two on the second pitch, looks at strike three on the third pitch......That will get some runs least swing the damn bat!!!

Well Homer Bailey last night and the other #5 pitcher, Josh Fogg tonight. It's only the 3rd inning and already it's 5-0 Houston, after a three run home run by Hunter Pence. It's almost too sorry to watch.

Behind 6-0, Jay Bruce leads off the sixth inning with a line shot double on an 0-2 pitch off Oswalt. Thinking we might just push a run across this inning, Jay Bruce gets thrown out at third on a ground ball to his right that he shouldn't have been running on. My grandson's little league team could have throw Bruce out on that play. Don't they teach this in A ball, down 6-0 no outs and you make the first out of an inning at 3B on a ground ball you shouldn't have been running on. I'm not the manager and it drives me crazy.

The Reds are trying to make it interesting in the ninth. Corey Patterson, actually batting as the tying run, and his interstate BA flies out to end this one with a final score of 7-4. The Reds did collect 13 hits to match the hit output of the Astro's but still lose again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Make that a 21-1 record for Roy Oswalt against the Reds!!!!!!!!

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