Monday, August 11, 2008

Dunn trade continued

OK. Here's my take of the Dunn trade. In all reality, the Reds weren't going to pay Dunn the 15 to 16 million he would demand next season as a free agent. Dunn's not a good outfielder and the Reds already have two lefty batters that have to hit in the 3-5 slots in the order. I totally understand the trade. I'm just shocked that you can't get more for him. I realize that he's a two month rent for the D-Backs but this guy has more homers in the last 4 years than ANYBODY else in the majors. (1 more than A Rod). He leads the majors this season with 32. I realize he strikes out a lot and bats only in the .230s but he also gives you a lot of walks. Can you not at least get a good prospect for him? Are you seriously going to pay 1/2 of this year's remaining $4 million??You get a guy that's struggled in A ball and had Tommy John surgery last year?????? You get two "players to be named later"..........that is usually two minor lifers. Way to go Walt. You got rid of some money. You better go out and spend the 24 million from Dunn and Griffey this winter and get this thing back on track.

Anyway, good luck to Dunn. He'll probably only play against righties. Maybe will see him in the playoffs along with Griffey. At least two Reds have a chance to go to the playoffs.

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RoseFan said...

Come see AAA ball in Cincinnati, it's alive and well there.