Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Fogg.....Good For Four ?

Well it was another typical Joss Fogg night and another typical loss for the Reds. After breaking a six game losing streak last night, the Reds just couldn't put back to back wins together. Fogg will start out fairly good and make it about four innings and then his world implodes. One problem with that, a starter needs to go at least five innings to be deemed a starter. As the Reds disassemble themselves and try to get ready for 2009 you have to throw Fogg out of the mix as well. Fogg is a number five pitcher that makes you think he could be better if he could throw the fourth and fifth like he does the first and second innings.

On a lighter note it was rumored on Paul Daugherty's post game radio show that the reason Corey Patterson is still a Red is because he is engaged to Dusty Baker's daughter. Remember this is only a rumor, funny as it is. At this point we need funny because we can either laugh or cry and remember there is no crying in baseball, even if you are a Reds fan!!!!!

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