Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Winning Streak Is Over

Well the (one game) winning streak is officially over as the Reds fall tonight to the bruisers, I mean Brewers by the final score of 8-1. No I didn't see a fight tonight, but I did hear a half ass "I'm sorry" from the Prince. I can't seem to give a darn about the stats of this game as it's becoming harder and harder to watch these guys just go thru the motion. If you do look at the box, as I did after I watched this game, this is what jumped out to me. The Reds had a total of five hits, no one had over one hit. I scan over to the Brewers side and I see no less than five guys with at least two hits, you won't win many games with offense like this. Yes the pitching was not good but if the hitting was a little better maybe that pumps up the pitcher somewhat. Maybe these Reds need to watch that Pete Rose video and hope they learn what true hustle is. By the way, thanks Gmo, that was awesome and it bought me much more pleasure than any Reds game has lately.

The Reds did something nice tonight, not on the field though. A family drove to Cincinnati from North Carolina tonight to see a couple of games. They wanted to meet Jim Day of Reds Live. Jim interviewed them on the air during the game. He asked them if they were coming to the game tomorrow afternoon and they were not coming back till the Thursday night game. Well to make a long story short the Reds gave the entire family Diamond Seats for tomorrow's game.....WOW....must be nice, well if the winning streak wasn't over already it would be better!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

the only thing rose hustled was the game of baseball and the fans. they should'nt even allow his video to be shown to young ballplayers. maybe a video of him going to jail so they wont be tempted by greed and the gambling disease.

RoseFan said...

If you want to leave a comment of this nature at least have the nuts to sign your name to it!!!!!