Monday, August 4, 2008

Two Events For The Price Of One At Reds Game Tonight

No it wasn't an old school double hitter tonight but the fans did get two events tonight for the price of one. There was a ball game that the Reds ended up winning 6-3 but there was also a fight between Brewers starting pitcher and the fat ass punk Prince Fielder. After starting pitcher Manny Parra was lifted for a pitch hitter he and Fielder had a few words in the Brewers dugout. Fielder pushed and hit Parra twice before team mates got between them and tried to stop the embarrassment that was being viewed by both teams FSN broadcast. After the game it was all down played as these things always are, but one wonders if the past week's performance on the field lead to this dugout scuffle. Brewers manager Ned Yost said this was no ones business and liken it to your neighbors fighting and saying it's rude for you to go knocking on your neighbors door when there is a fight going on. He also said it was no big deal, but hinted that it did warrant there you go. The spoiled fat ass brat Prince trying to throw his weight around against someone 100 pounds lighter than his vegetarian ass should be benched for the remaining two games with the Reds...yeah right!!!!

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