Sunday, August 10, 2008

Hannigan and Harang-Surprise, The Reds lose again!

Ryan Hannigan homered in his 1st game with the Reds today which was one of the only bright spots again. Hannigan went 2-4. I may be wrong but I think 5 of the 6 main starters for the season have an ERA over 5.00.

Harang was absolutely awful in his return from the DL. 4 innings and 8 ER. Nice. Can you believe a #1 pitcher is 3-12. Harang needs to go ahead and shut it down and get ready for 2009.

The bullpen was solid for the most part again except Majewski. It's hard to tell how good the bullpen is b/c the Reds are always down so big by the time the pen is called into action, there is no pressure.

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Anonymous said...

This whole team needs to shut it down for the year......oh yeah, they already have.....