Wednesday, August 6, 2008

My favorite 'Put Out' Of The year

The fat ass Prince just tried to score on Jay Bruce after Bruce caught a fly ball in right field. Fielder threw his 350 pounds of vegetarian ass into David Ross but Ross held onto the ball and got the out....This was a VERY nice play for Bruce and Ross. Because Barry Bonds is no where on the baseball radar screen, my favorite player to hate is now Prince Fielder.

As far as the game went.....just rewind the tape.....Homer Bailey still hasn't won a big league game this year and it's been April sense he has won any game. With Aaron Harang getting ready real fast I wouldn't be surprised if this was Homer's last start for a while. Bailey is now 0-6 with and an embarrassing 7.93 ERA.....not sure how much more the Reds will deal with this right now.....But what do you do with Bailey!!!!!!!!!!!! The season is over as far as the Reds are concerned so do you keep throwing him out there for experience or send him back to Louisville, heck he wasn't sitting the world on fire there either. I think I send him to A ball until he gets a win, then move him up to AA ball until he gets two wins, then back to Louisville for the remainder of the season barring another Reds starter going on the shelf. It's gotta get better next season Homer.....hang in there

Jay Bruce is still wearing the rawhide out as he hit his 11th home run and 11th double of the season and also had all three RBI's today....still the Reds averaged less than a hit per inning today.....where in the name of Pete Rose has this offense went....last night Bruce was the only double digit hitter and today Bruce was joined by Jolbert Cabrera as the only two players to collect more than a single hit.......wins will be very hard to come by like this.

The Brew crew takes two of three to open this home stand for the Reds.....NOT GOOD GUYS

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