Friday, July 4, 2008

The Brandon Phillps and Johnny Cueto Show

Was it just last night that I was writing about the great young players the Reds have. Well tonight, game one of a four game series against the Washington nationals, was the youngsters stealing the show again. Brandon Phillips and Johnny Cueto lead the Reds to the 5-3 win on Thursday night fireworks night at Great American Ballpark. Heck they even walked another bright young player, Jeff Keppinger, to get to Ken Griffey Jr. and his 603 HR's.

Johnny Cueto threw seven strong innings allowing only three runs. Cueto had eight strikeouts as he picked up his seventh win. After a kind of ho hum June, Cueto has now won his last two starts and seems to be back on track and ready to roll.

The real star of this game though was yet another young gun the Reds are showcasing this season, second baseman Brandon Phillps. I have said this for the last two months, Phillips needs to quit swinging for the fench and just hit the ball that's thrown. I think maybe he got the message as he seems to be doing just that. Brandon collected three hits in extending his current hitting streak to seven games. Phillips also made play after play to help keep the Nat's in check late in the game.

The best closer the Reds have had in quite a few years, Francisco Cordero came in to pitch the ninth and collect his 16th save.

Let's keep the fireworks going again today Reds!!!!!!!!!!

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