Saturday, July 26, 2008

Has Edinson Volquez Hit the Wall

Edinson is still a young man at 25 years of age. Is he over worked at this point of his career, his first full season in the majors? After his poor outing last night one might think that. I myself don't buy into that theory. I can still remember when pitching staffs consisted of only four starters and those starters usually went a lot later into games than today's pitchers. Hell you have at least four days off now between starts and it's rare when a starter pitches into the eighth inning, much less take a save away from a closer by finishing the game.

Volquez has pitched l26 innings so far this season. I would say that's on track for close to 200 innings. Is that too many for a young pitcher.......I heard Dusty say he wasn't concerned about him being over worked, did he say that about Kerry Wood, just thinking out loud. If he had shut out the Rockies last night there wouldn't even be a discussion here. So what is the problem, is there a problem. I think the problem is that Edinson started the season so good that any little hiccup will be over analyzed. Let's sit back and wish the rest of the Reds staff could be having the same problem Volquez is having......I would take a 12-4 record and an ERA of 2.77 from every starter. Instead of bitching about over working Volquez we would all be bitching because we couldn't get playoff tickets.

For some reason reason the Reds have a real bad record in the first game of series and they have winning records in the second and third game of out Rockies, game two tonight and Homer Bailey is starting to get a little better each outing.


Anonymous said...

I say yes. He definitely hit a wall two games before the break.

Anonymous said...

Maybe it's growing pains, hard to break this one down. I know Hamilton hasn't hit the wall yet.