Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Road Woes Continue

I think I wrote a couple of days ago how tough this road trip would be on these Reds, I still hope I am wrong but it just doesn't seem that I will be.

After tonight's loss in which Johnny Cueto could sue for non support and take to court a few fielding blunders as star witnesses. Cueto actually threw a good ball game but again he just loses concentration after a fielding blunder or a close call going the wrong way. Adam Dunn badly misplayed a ball in the left field corner, which in all honesty is a very tough spot to cover, but I agree with Jeff Brantley's statement "that ball should have been caught." After the Dunn's misplay the flood gates opened on Cueto and he just never recovered and yes he deserved better tonight. Johnny has threw so much better the last month and now I think it's a lot mental right now. As far as Dunn goes how do you hammer the guy responsible for all the offense your team could muster tonight with his 23rd home run for the Reds lone run.

How about that fat ass Carlos Zambrano.....He was actually untouchable. The Dunn home run was the only hit he gave up to earn his tenth win against only three losses. Johnny Cueto fell to 7-9 but Reds fans need to remember who he faced tonight and the fact that he grew as a pitcher and this game was a game he learned from. Every loss stings, but sometimes you have to look beyond the loss, yes that's as hard for me as anyone.

The Reds try to break the freakin Cubbies brooms tomorrow by winning the final game of this three game series in an afternoon match up between Bronson Arroyo and Ted Lilly being the sacrificial lamb for the Cubbies.

Marty Brennaman is still talking smack to the Cub fans and the Reds decided to put a security detail with him for this series after some remarks he made back in April about how the Cub fans are the most obnoxious fans in baseball.....I won't disagree. But yes we are still looking up at them!!!!!!!!!!

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