Saturday, July 26, 2008

Griffey Blast # 607

Ken Griffey Jr. was the lone bright spot for the Cincinnati Reds tonight. Griff hit #607 to the opposite field no less. I guess he still has a little power left. Three more home runs and this future Hall of Famer will be in sole possession of fifth place all time in the home run department.

This gonna be short as I cannot stand to watch what I have been seeing the last two games. Not to take anything away from the the Rockies, but damn you can't let a team do this to you at home. Every time I think they are ready to roll the train gets derailed. I won't say stick a fork in them yet, but it's getting closer everyday. You have to win at home and split on the road to even think there is a chance at contending and these guys just aren't quite there. There is a great nucleus to a pretty good team somewhere down the road, but these guys are just still having growing pains.

I thought Homer Bailey was getting better and he was until tonight were he just plain sucked. I believe he gave up fifteen hits in less than five innings. He did battle out of a few jams but you could tell it was only a matter of time until he would self destruct. Dusty Baker let him give up six straight hits in the fifth before coming to get him. Tell me what good that did besides break Homer down a little more and pump up some Rockie batting averages.

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