Saturday, July 26, 2008

Homer got hit hard tonight.......and the hitting was brutal

Homer Bailey gave up 15 hits tonight. Of those 15 hits, only 1 was an extra base hit as Adkins hit a double. Somehow, he only gave up 5 runs (4 earned). Not good. Homer's ERA is looking real bad at just under 7. He just doesn't have a put away pitch. I wish it would happen for the guy. He's got a great arm but still hasn't learned to pitch to big league batters. The Reds are yet again on the high road to no where.

The Reds hitters however, managed a big two hits one of the being 606 by Griff. Two freakin hits to De La Rosa who had an ERA well over 6 and a half. Nice job guys, you're all tearing the cover off the ball!

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Anonymous said...

Homer Bailey could have been blow out real bad tonight as the defense bailed him out countless times. Is he over rated?