Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Jr. breathing Down Sammy's Neck

Ken Griffey Jr. just slammed his 608th career home run at Minute Maid park in Houston to give the Reds some much needed breathing room tonight. Look out Sammy Sosa because Jr. is about to push you down one notch on the all time home run list.

The Reds are actually wining a game tonight and the pitching is holding together pretty good so far as Edinson Volquez has a shutout going into the fifth inning.

In other news the Reds true lead off hitter Jerry Hairston is in Louisville to begin a short rehab stint to get ready to kick start this team back into some respectable baseball playing.

Adam Dunn just hit his second home run of the game and his major league leading 32th of the season. Is anyone having a better July than Dunn!!!! I think we might be working on ending this five game skid.......

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