Monday, July 28, 2008

Dunn's Slam Not Enough

When does the bleeding stop. After a very dismal 4-6 home stand in which the way the Reds played was sharply criticized over the air waves, they were ready to get out of town and just try to put the home stand behind them. Well it don't matter where you play when you are in the kind of rut the Reds are in. The season is looking more and more like it's over and time to start looking at 2009.

Tonight the Reds had to face Roy Oswalt and we all know what he does to the Reds. Oswalt wasn't really at his best but the way the Reds are playing it didn't matter. Coming into tonight's game Oswalt was 19-1 against the Reds.....make that now is that possible. I am listening to "baseball Tonight" as I write this and the Reds low lites just came on and they are saying Oswalt owns the best winning percentage of anyone against any other team in MLB.

Down in the Lone Star State the lone bright spot for the Reds was Adam Dunn's 30th home run, a grand slam no less to give him 72 RBI's on the season. This is Dunn's walk year and I think he will set career highs for HR's and RBI's.

Hopefully tomorrow the Reds hottest pitcher right now Bronson Arroyo will be the one to stop the bleeding.

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