Sunday, July 13, 2008

Jerry Hairston

Jerry Hairston starts the game this afternoon by getting plunked by hard tight fast ball from CC Sabathia while trying to bunt, he rubs it off and stays in. Adam Dunn gets
hit on the first pitch he sees from Sabathia and gave CC a little stare down on his way to first. Between the Prince on first and CC on the mound, that's a lot of beef looking at you, so Dunn takes his base without incident.

In the bottom of the first Hairston playing Jr's spot in right today, makes a play that as good as Griffey is he would have had no chance to make. I just love the way this guy plays this game. Again show me a better lead off hitter in the game at this moment.

OK, top of second and the Reds have the bases juiced with Corey Patterson at the plate, oh no did I say Patterson......He does get the first run of the game in with a sacrifice fly. 1-0 Reds....Back to the game......

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