Thursday, July 10, 2008

Jr. hits number 605

After falling behind early the Reds bats finally came alive this afternoon. It's the bottom of the fourth and Ken Griffey Jr. just blasted #605 into the right/center field seats. Edwin Encarnacion hit his 14th of the season and Brandon Phillips also homered to help jump start this offense. Encarnacion and Phillips home run balls were both threw back onto the playing field. Where were these dumb ass Cub fans when Griffey hit his ball out. I guess they do make exceptions when it's a guys 605th......If you are going to throw them back throw them all back, don't be selective in your stupidity if you are going to do it do it!!!!!!!!!! Just for the record I think this might be the lamest tradition in baseball. Everyone dives over people and begs players for just a regular baseball before, during, and after a game and then these crazy Cub fans want to throw home run balls back on the field.......Oh yeah, except when it's a guys 605th home run ball.....that ball will be on a Cub fans mantle tonight. Let's just hope it's the winning run and that Cub fan can think about that ball giving his team another loss!!!!!!!!!!!!

We need Bronson to hold this 8-3 lead going to the bottom of the eighth.


beejus said...

just for the record, this ball was caught by my bro. he called me mortified and told me he grabbed the ball and held it up (if you watch the vid you can see it) and everyone yelled at him to throw it back. not really being into baseball, he did what they said. he threw it back. then was told it was griffey's ball! he was so bummed out that he threw back this hall of famers ball.

RoseFan said...

WOW, I know I was kinda hard on you Cub fans for this tradition, which I think is silly. But to be honest I would hate for anyone to lose a ball like that.
Tell me why and how this bull got started in the first place.
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