Monday, July 14, 2008

Home Run Derby

Well the Home Run Derby was flat out awesome tonight. Ex-Red Josh Hamilton put on a show that won't soon be repeated. I see no reason why all the home runs can't count in a competition like this, but the powers that be just don't see it that way. With the 28 first round shots, and I mean shots, Josh probably hurt himself by hitting "too" many. The 28 was a new first round record, beating out the 24 that Bobby Abreu hit in 2005. I think he not only wore out his 71 year old pitching coach but he also wore down himself. This years results might help to make a rule change in the future, as it should. I think they just have to keep the end result in question, as this does keep more fans at home watching. And the more watching the more ad revenue....the more people that has their sets tuned in the more the ads cost, never forget it's always all about the money!!!!!!!!

I will say this Justin Morneau was a very graceful winner, as he did everything but apologize as he knew the night belonged to Josh. This story just keeps getting better and better for Hamilton, how can you not cheer for his success. He has a great story for the young people of this country that has demons they need to shake. I see another baseball movie in the works as well. You can say what you want about the NBA slam Dunk contest, The Pro Bowl game whatever else is out there, but nothing compares to the three day break for the Major League All-Star Game and Home Run Derby and all the fan fest activities they have. Show me a sport that has over 53,000 people show to just cheer for something of this nature. I have been lucky enough to go see a couple of these in person and they do rock.

Next up the game itself Tuesday night from New York City and Yankee Stadium, the greatest sports venue in the world, bar none....Enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Stacey Moore said...

wish we could have been there this year!