Saturday, July 26, 2008

Notes From the Rain Delay

First I want to say why isn't there a descent radio station in the Louisville market carrying the Reds these days. It's a damn shame when right here in the heart of Reds country you can't catch the game on the radio if you are five miles outside of Louisville.

During the rain delay to start the game tonight I turned on the radio to "TRY" to hear what Jeff "The Cowboy" Brantley and Marty "Hall of Fame" Brennaman had to say. They were taking phone calls on the air during the rain delay, I got thru but was still on hold as the game was starting so I didn't get a chance to ask this question. Who is the odd man out when Aaron Harang comes off the DL. Homer Bailey and Josh Fogg both have had a few bright spots the past couple of weeks. Well tonight's game made have made Walt Jockety's job a little easier. There is no dought Homer Bailey has issues and still hasn't got his act together. In his defense he did battle out of a few jams tonight, but six straight hits might have gotten him a ticket back to Louisville until the roster expands to forty.

Some of the calls were real good ones as Brantley flat out laid it on the line by saying there is "no way Griffey is back next year." Marty told a caller that Adam Dunn just doesn't drive in enough runs to warrant the reds to pick up his option next year. All in all though the fans that did get through where pretty up beat about this team. I AM NOT THOUGH.......PROVE ME WRONG REDS, PLEASE PROVE ME WRONG!!!!!!!!

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