Sunday, July 27, 2008

Maybe The Low Point Of The Season

I wouldn't call what we saw this weekend, at home no less, major league baseball as far as the effort the Reds put forth. It's almost not worth watching and yes I did see people leaving the game after the third inning this afternoon. The starting pitching this series was as bad as it gets....The ERA for the three starters this series was over 11.00, how sad is that. I have seen more routine plays being botched and enough dropped balls, wild pitches, past balls, errors, you name it, to last a full season. I see guys walking around with their heads down, they are just not hustling at all. Where is the professional pride these guys are suppose to have, they are making way too much money to put forth the effort they displayed this weekend. For some reason I kinda feel for Dusty Baker, he has his work cut out for him for sure.

Things have gotta get better as I do believe this team has hit it's low point of the season.

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