Friday, July 4, 2008

Reds Win.....Another Good Start For Arroyo

Sweet, the Reds gauranteed themsleves at least a split of the four game series against the Nationals. Make no bones about it, no one would be happy with a slpit after winning the first two games so let's keep it up Reds......

Bronson Arroyo scatered five hits over six shutout innings to improve to 6-7 for the season, has he finaly come around......Let's hope so. After the start Bronson had to start the season, this can only be good news for the Reds. Does he have fantasy value yet, well I'm not going to rush out and pick him up but I do hope he proves me wrong.

Ok, for my nit pick on Dusty Baker for the day. He pitch hit for Bronson Arroyo in the bottom of the sixth inning with two on and two out. Usually this is considered a good smart baseball move. Not so sure that was the case this time. Bronson was used as a pitch hitter earlier this season and he has hit as good as any pitcher on this team. No he isn't the next Rick Anikel, but in a close game I would have used Bronson at the plate and then let him start the seventh if he had any gas left. If he can't start the seventh you still bring in a new pitcher and you still have the extra pitch hitter on the bench in this must win close game. Like I said maybe I'm just nit picking, but that's the way I would have managed this game. Yes we have ran out of pitch hitters at least once this season and yes Bronson did line a ball to left field earlier in the game that got the final run home, the guy can hit. Just saying........

Ok, Reds let's keep this going and Jr. it's your day tomorrow.....Nice looking jersey giveaway tomorrow honoring Griff!!!!!!

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